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With His Intimate Knowledge of the People, Places, and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa, Award-Winning Writer and

Naval Officer Michael Shusko Adds a Breathtaking Sense of Authenticity to His Sprawling Novel

Author Michael Shusko is no ordinary novelist. A decorated naval officer and physician, fluent in Arabic, he has worked in some of the most dangerous areas of the world. In EVIL WINDS, the third installment of his Tradecraft book series, he focuses on the decades-long humanitarian crisis that has plagued the African country of Sudan and spilled across its border to Chad. 

Relentless conflict has resulted in the destruction of entire villages and the massacre of thousands of people in Sudan’s Darfur region. Massive refuge camps have sprung up with little chance of resettlement of their occupants. Shusko uses these real-world events and locations as the backdrop for his stunning thriller, EVIL WINDS.

The story centers on the crusade of an idealistic American journalist, Angie Bryant, who wants to wake the world to the atrocities being committed in Darfur – no matter the personal risk. She enlists the help of Jason Russo, an NGO doctor working in Chad. When the pair witness Janjaweed Arab terrorists gun down a dozen Darfurian refugees in cold blood, they realize that time is against them, and they set out on a journey to uncover the truth behind these crimes. They are soon captured by the vicious Janjaweed leader himself, who is just a cog in an international conspiracy to bilk Africa of its oil and mineral riches. Using subterfuge, Angie and Jason manage to escape, rescuing twelve-year-old Halima, a courageous Darfurian girl, along the way.

But once again they are captured, this time by a troop of Sudanese soldiers. With the help of veteran CIA operative Steve Connors, they are freed from prison. Despite Steve’s advice that they return to the U.S., Angie and Jason – along with Halima – continue their quest to uncover the truth about government corruption, human trafficking, and other crimes that have remained hidden for much too long.

EVIL WINDS is a powerful story of international conspiracies, terrorism, and murder. Michael Shusko takes readers to locales that few of us can imagine, populated with ruthless villians as well as ordinary people whose courage is inspiring. With his insider’s eye for detail and nuance, Shusko has produced a novel that is destined to become a classic.

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About the Author
Michael Shusko, author of EVIL WINDS, is a medical doctor and decorated Marine and Naval officer who has worked on intelligence and medical missions across the globe. Fluent in Arabic, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern studies from Rutgers University. After transferring from the Marines to the Navy Medical Corps, he attended medical school at Wake Forest University, obtaining his degree in 2002. He also studied at Harvard University, earning a Master's of Public Health degree in 2013. Dr. Shusko has been awarded the Bronze Star twice for service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. In addition to EVIL WINDS, Mike Shusko is the author of VECTOR and SHIFTING SANDS, the first two novels in his Tradecraft book series. To learn more, visit: www.michaelshusko.com.