One Million Book Challenge

Join our challenge to inspire one million people to pick up a book. No matter how big or small, help me promote literacy by reading a book and posting it below in the comments. 

Readers Who Have Joined Our Challenge

  1. Brian Meeks - 1 - 5 in the Wool series by Hugh Howey and 1 - 4 in the Unicorn Western series by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt.
  2. Peter Licari - Descartes' Discourse
  3. Alana Munro - Mean Girls at Work
  4. Carmina Valdizan - Inferno by Dan Brown 
  5. Jo Robinson - The Hangman's Replacement by Taona D Chiveneko
  6. Glendon Perkins - The Night Boat" by Robert McCammon
  7. Mercedes Olivas - The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith
  8. Bianca Sloane - Thornes of Truth
  9. Mary - Katherine
  10. Bailey - Master and Commander series by Patrick O'Brien
  11. Ashley @ Closed The Cover - America's Greatest Blunder by Burton Yale Pines
  12. Christa Polkinhorn - Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell