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Review: Mickey Slips by Jaime Sheffield

Tyler Cunningham is a detective like no other. He can mimic humanity, but 
in  most cases fails utterly to understand people, why they do the things they 
do,  or act in the ways that they do. His saving grace is an insatiable hunger 
for  knowledge that combines with an ability to make connections from a series of  seemingly unrelated data-points that other people miss; this continually pulls  him into other peoples' problems, where his focus and unique perceptual abilities allow him to solve puzzles that others cannot see in ways that nobody else could conceive.

"Mickey Slips" opens with Tyler neck deep in someone else's problem when a father-figure from his past texts him in serious trouble. Tyler drops everything to get Mickey out of his jam. What follows is a fascinating glimpse into the relationship between these two, sandwiched in with a sleek and nasty mix of sex, blackmail, hi-tech shenanigans,  a bag of sawn-off shotguns, and fantastic barbeque.

If you aren’t familiar with the Tyler Cunnigham adventures, than you need to go and grab a copy of this latest one because he is like no other. This fun, fast paced adventure featured the unconventional 
detective that marches to the beat of his own drum, takes a creative and at times not legal approach to solve his cases. At first, you might be like, what is he all about? Once you get to know him, you’ll see he’s completely different from any other similar character that you’ve read. Your curiosity just makes you 
want to keep reading. I feel that is what makes this character so enjoyable to read. 

You don’t know what he is going to do and when it does it you just sort of flip the page and chuckle. This was my first reading of the series and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. What I really love about 
this was that it completely took me out of my comfort zone with that expected predictability of a mystery/detective type story that I set myself up for before I started reading.  

If you are looking for a new adventure that is fun and unpredictable, I highly recommend you check this one out as well as the preceded one entitled “Here Be Monsters”to get to know him a little better.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Smart Pig
Release Date: 4/6/13

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