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Review: Tumbling Stones by Carol Clark Roberts

Anne Rockford has it all - a handsome husband, a secure marriage, and three wonderful teenage children. But her world tumbles into a nightmare of secrets and lies when she receives a shocking letter: Anne’s husband, a popular and respected professor of Romantic Poetry of the 19th century, has seduced not only her best friend but numerous other young women. In the aftermath of this appalling discovery, lives are lost, reputations are ruined, and Anne’s own life is threatened.

On the coast of California, Anne gathers, tumbles, and polishes beach rocks -- one of her hobbies -- and muses that, like the rocks crashing into each other in the tumbling drum, some people come out of the process of life’s buffeting cracked open by hidden pressures. Others are chipped at the edges, leaving raw surfaces, and still others turn out as clear and lovely as gemstones. Along Anne’s painful journey of discovery and healing -- as she learns the stories of the damaged women and gains unexpected champions -- she encounters all three kinds.

Tumbling Stones is the compelling story of a woman who finds the strength to reclaim her life and her self-worth after a shattering betrayal.

Picture this: You are happily married to a husband that you love who has a wonderful job that is respected professionally and personally. You have a beautiful home with wonderful children and are surrounded by a few close friends that complete your picturesque life. Then one day, you receive a letter from your best friend that says not only has your husband cheated on you with her but with other young women. Not only does this challenge everything that is your current existence but do you believe it or just dismiss it because you “can’t believe” that this person could do that to “you” because you know them.

Tumbling Stones is one of the books that will resonate with any woman who has ever been betrayed by what was perceived as the perfect normal life. When you think you have found your soul mate, only to discover that the person who you thought you knew, really was a stranger. It is very hard depending on your circumstances when you are confronted with the reality that who you love has not only hurt you but your family. For some, there is an easy resolution. For others, there begins a complicated inner struggle that makes choosing the right decision difficult.

Here is a little introduction to the story:

The story involves the marriage of Phil and Anne Rockford. Anne is one of those characters that resembles many women out there. Here is a woman who “gave up her life” to raise a family and become a “professor’s wife.” She is one of those women whose life revolves around her husband and her family. She is everything that could be expected as the ideal wife and mother could be. 

As far as she knew, she had the best life with the most wonderful, virtuous husband and a family that anyone would want. Like so many who lose themselves in their transition become blinded by the ideal life whereas the picturesque may not be the reality. For many, they become the perfect victims to circumstances where the men in their lives betray them because they will never believe anything other than what they see.

When she receives a letter from her best friend Dolores about her husband’s infidelity, it really shatters her. Instantaneously blames her friend for ruining her life but like for so many face the reality of dealing with the emotional roller coaster aftermath. She has to decide for herself what to believe and what to do. Like so many, that choice isn't always that obvious. On her long, introspective journey she battles many emotions that turns her life upside down and faces many truths that should've been told. 

Phil, on the surface, he has it all. He is a well respected and admired Professor at a Christian College. He has the model life with a wonderful wife and family yet internally leads another life that contradicts everything that he appears to be and stand for. He is one of those characters that each layer that is reveals something more about him that will either make you feel sorry for him or completely hate him. Thinking he would never be exposed, just like Pandora’s box, that one secret unleashed a trail of dark secrets that shattered not only the core of his life but affect the lives of everyone around him.

Roberts captured these struggles into a wonderful written story for the reader. The pace of the book was ideal. From the beginning, you really become engaged in this heartbreaking story until the end. As a reader, you really get into the minds of these characters and go through this experience with them. This story that is filled with love, family, loss, deception and redemption not just for oneself but for others is an emotional journey that leads to the triumph of personal healing.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 3/12/2013
Pages: 220

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