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Review: Women Behaving Badly by Alana Munro

Have you ever been hurt by a woman? Are you fed up with the constant bitching, gossiping and manipulation between the females in your life? Do you want happier and healthier relationships with females? Do you wish to weed out the toxic women and seek out only positive women?

If you have ever wondered why some women are complicated creatures this book will offer you straight talking answers. This book will highlight all the strange, controlling and spiteful behaviors that some females specialize in. This book attempts to understand what actually drives women to be cruel or bitchy to each other. It attempts to make sense of the huge expectations women place on each other. How can we avoid toxic women? What bad behaviors should we be looking out for? This book explores every cruel behavior possible and attempts to understand what is really going on between the females in our life. 

How many times have you sought out answers about your relationships with women from one of those newsstand magazines or columns that you read in your local paper? After you read the answer, you sort of are left with an answer that makes you feel good for the moment but leaves you with a questions mark. Well, after reading this book, it will leave you with a lot more than that. Some people might get mad reading this book because of the brutal honesty but I think the majority will nod with affirmation because they have been there and can relate too many of the experiences. This is not a self-help book or a book that bashes women. It is a bold unapologetic truth that shatters the unspoken status quo of women behaviors involving their relationships with each other. 

This book was definitely easy to read. The content was so engaging that you find yourself coasting through. I really admire the author for putting it all there. Her vulnerability and her introspective analysis throughout the book gave the reader much to think about. There is definitely something to be said from learning from your experiences. Drawn from her personal experiences and personal stories from others, it really gives you a firsthand account of truly how many women treat each other behind the cordial facade. 

This book highlights the good, the bad and the definitely ugly aspects of what we are not, what we are and what we can be towards each other to acknowledge the truth and sustain meaningful relationships that complement our lives. Trust me, nothing was sugar coated, fluffed or words minced. If there were seven deadly sins about women, than this book would define them. This book is definitely for all women from all walks of life. Once you read it, you will definite look at your relationships differently.  

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Book Information
Release Date: 5/28/2013
Pages 117

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