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Review: They Call Me Alexandra Gastone by T.A. Maclagan

When you think of spy novels, you think they would have tons of action and secret missions. You expect to see a spy acting like a spy. Unfortunately, this book was lacking in those departments. There were tiny sprinkles of sky related things throughout, but not enough to consider this book a thriller.

The whole premise of the book is that years ago, Alexandra Gastone died. Milena was ordered to step in to take her place. Milena is an uncover sleeper, who will have to complete a mission for her home country.  

The concept of the book was captivating. However, the book was very slow. It took forever for something to actually happen. I found myself skimming because I wanted to get to something exciting.

The first half of the book was a lot of explaining, which in turn was not very helpful. I get that this is the first book in a series and there needs to be world building, but there is a limit. It was still very confusing. A second read through might clear up my confusion.

The book felt unrealistic at times. It also did a lot of showing, instead of telling. For example, Grant was a great guy, I liked him. However, I need to see the love connection between him and the main character to actually believe they love each other.

I didn’t hate this book, and I could see myself continuing the series. The ending was jaw dropping, and I do want to see what happens next.


Alexandra/Milena spent a lot of time in her head. She questioned everything, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It was interesting to see her inter struggles. She wasn’t sure if she was Alexandra or Milena. She was practically having an identity crisis, and I hope the next books explore that more. As I reader, I want to meet the real her and see her able to live her life without restraints.

I really enjoyed her and Albert’s relationship. It was my favorite thing about the book. That relationship stood out to me and something that I will remember when I think about this book. It felt real and you could sense the love between them. Also, the dynamic between the two. Albert is in the CIA and isn’t aware of Alexandra/Milena’s mission.

There are few YA novels that explore the relationship between a grandfather and a granddaughter.

Final Analysis

They Call Me Alexandra Gastone is great in theory but manages to start slow and throw in confusing explanations. Unfortunately, the real excitement happens at the end. Hopefully, the second book will be better.

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