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Review: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

This was such a cute, refreshing and satisfying book. I couldn’t help but smile while I read. I had a really fun time reading it, and I was very disappointed that it had to end. I could read many more books about these characters.

Geekerella was a modern take on Cinderella. Although, it was a retelling, it was its own story fit with loveable characters and original additions to the classic story. I loved that it was mainly based in the fandom world. It was interesting to see both sides of the coin.

For example, the book is told in dual POVs- Darien, the actor who was cast as Federation Prince Carmindor in Starfield, and Elle, the big time fangirl of Starfield. In Darien’s POV, you get how a celebrity reacts to taking on the big responsibility of an iconic character and dealing with the hardcore fans. In Elle’s POV, you get the reaction to the casting of Darien and experiencing the fandom life and being involved in it.

This book does pull at the heart strings. I was surprised with how many times I almost tear up. For example, Elle’s feelings and passion bleeds through the pages that feels both real and relatable. I related to her a lot as a character. I understood why she reacted the way she did and her feelings towards losing a parent and being deeply into fandoms.

Darien and Elle were adorable together and separately. They were really strong characters and extremely likable. It was so great to see their relationship develop and evolve during their text conversations. However, I would have liked to have more face to face conversations between the two.

It was a privilege that this was my last book of 2017.

Final Analysis

Geekerella is a magical story that leaves you wanting more. The love story is absolutely adorable. And although a retelling, it isn’t doesn’t feel repetitive or boring. It’s original and fresh.

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