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Review: On the Same Page by N. D. Galland

On the Same Page, was such a lovely cute book that sets the reader smack in the middle of Martha’s Vineyard. We are introduced to Joanne who has returned to the island to take care of her uncle Hank. Getting readjusted to the island life, she is in desperate need to work and finds it in one of the local newspapers. Seeing that this gig won’t take care of the bills, she secretly decides to use an alias to write also for the rival paper which makes life a bit complicated. There is this unspoken rule between them. You know small town papers that compete against each other. Half the town supports one, and the other half the other paper. When she finds herself getting too close to a story, which happens to involve the one person who everyone in town seems to despise, she has to make a decision that might be more than just her story.

Overall, the book had a lot of charm. It was witty and fun. The relationship with Joanna and her uncle will definitely make you chuckle. Not just between them but also with the other characters as well. Their banter throughout among the book makes me wish I would’ve listened to the audio version. Small community settings are always the best because of their intimate relationships and that inviting feel you get into their town and lives. You will laugh at moments, have fun with some cool characters and be whisked away to the charm of the endearing Martha Vineyard.

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