How To Get Your Freelance Writing Career Going by Rachel Summers

Freelancing is everywhere – you read about it on your way to work, your friend I a freelancer, it's on the news. You have probably thought about it more than you are willing to admit. You may have all of the components of a successful freelance writer – you are talented, you work hard, you love being at home – but you can't start writing for a living because you are not sure how.

Many people struggle with this – they would love to try but from the outside it all seems so complicated. Some of them may have even tried, they`ve looked for clients but came up with nothing and that is where their short freelancing career halted.

If you are one of those people, or you are just beginning and you could still improve the way you do things, here are some useful tips for you.

1. Create Your Writer Website. This will be your business card – you should display your photo, your name, who you are and what you do, why you are the best freelancer for them and links to other pages on your website where clients could find useful information on you.

This way, clients can find you easily. On your website you can store all your information about pricing, your style of writing, why the clients should pick you etc. The link to your website is easy to share – the client can never lose your information, you don't have to explain things to the new clients, just send them the link, a satisfied client can share this link with his friends – all of these things are a good reason to create a website.

2. Pick your niche. Once you have a website, you'll need to figure out what to write about. For this you can use your past experiences – your previous job or something you are very knowledgeable about. Choosing a niche can help you be a better writer – you'll become an expert in your own area – and this can bring you clients that are willing to pay more for your expertise.

Figure out your style too – and if you need help with this there are plenty of free tools online like Let's Go And Learn and Write My Australia

If you are not sure what your niche would be, don't fret – you can also write in a lot of different niches for a while to figure out what suits you.

3. Create samples. Having samples on your website will make your success that much higher – clients like to know your style before they hire you.

You can use old samples of your writing or create something new – all of these should represent your writing in the best light possible. Show that you are the best in your field – no matter what other things your website says, your writing will show them everything they need to know.

Make sure that all of these samples are grammar and spelling error free. To achieve this with ease, you could use some of the free tools available online like Australian Reviewer and Copy Blogger.

4. Start pitching. You can apply at job boards, start cold pitching or start writing paid guest posts.

One of the job boards you can apply to, if you are still not confident enough to look for clients on your own is Student Writing Services

The best way to go about this is to write personalized emails to your clients – take the time to look at the company, see what they are looking for and adjust your email to suit them. If you send 50 proposals daily but none of them are personalized, you may get a job but in most cases – and with the highest paying jobs – you'll just end up on the pile of freelancers who sent a similar generic pitch.

' Sending generic pitches to clients will get you nowhere. Take the time to construct the perfect proposal – your potential client will be able to tell and they will love that you paid attention to their needs. This way you are a lot more likely to get good, high paying jobs. ' says Anne Mitchel, a professional writer at UK Services Reviews

5. Market your own services. You created a business of your talent and love of writing – market it. Share your services on social media or on boards and websites where they might get noticed by a prospective client.

If you are not sure how to market yourself you should get some help – useful websites can be found Top Canadian Writers and similar tool was praised by Huffington post.

This way, the clients will have a chance of finding you. Marketing yourself will take time but it will most definitely pay off.

When starting your freelancing career the best thing that you can do for yourself is to believe in your own worth. You should know that there is someone out there who would appreciate and pay for your work – find a way to that client and never settle for gigs that you don't enjoy doing.

Rachel Summers is a social media manager and she has been doing this for seven years – she worked for various companies including Elite Assignment Help, a leading custom writing service. In her free time Rachel helps start-ups and small businesses by offering her expert advice on social media strategies. You can see more of her articles and tips on her blog.

How To Write a Book Review: Tips From an Essay Writer


Reviews are like giving others opinion about a book you have read. So you need to provide enough information that will enlighten them about the book. Most people use my essay writing experts for papers because the quality is what matters. So make your book review interesting to captivate intended readers.

If you are finding it difficult to draft a review, think of it as sharing the story of a movie to a friend; it will help you to write a persuasive review.  Here are tips that can help you write a good book review.

  1. Develop interest in the book

It is easier to write a review of a book you find interesting than a boring one. So for the sake of the review you want to write, develop an interest for the book. And if there is an opportunity to choose, pick the one you find interesting. You must understand every bit of the book before you can write a good and detailed review of it.

  1. Read extensively

You cannot review a book your read by scanning for main points and facts. It will not be complete or informative. You need to read it extensively and mark or jot down points as you read. So there is need to own the book if you are reading a hard copy. Because as the owner, you will be free to mark points and underline passages you may need to revisit.

  1. Describe the book with few sentences

Let us assume you have read the book extensively and ready to write a helpful review of it; start by describing the book with few sentences – but do not reveal any plot twists or spoilers in your review. Avoid the temptation of discussing a scene in the book in details especially from the middle to the end. If the book you are reviewing is a series and people need to read the other parts to understand it, mention it in your review. People pay to write essay, so if you can provide a good review, they will be happy to read the book.

  1. Discuss what you find interesting about the book

Your book review should be unbiased – and you are free to write about your feelings and thoughts about the entire story. You can formulate a couple of questions to help get the points out. Below are ideas for questions you can use in this section.

•    Did reading the book make you cry or laugh?

•    Who is your favorite character in the book?

•    Why did you choose that character as your favorite?

•    Did the author write the different scenes (tense scenes, sad scenes, mysterious scenes) well?

  1. Discuss what you do not like about the book

As earlier stated, your review must be unbiased and informative. So write about the things you dislike and would like to change if given the chance. It is normal for those reading your book review to doubt if you only talk about the positive sides of the book. Even those who buy custom essay online look at the pros and cons of the writing service before doing so.


A good review can help increase patronage of a book. It will help interested readers to trust and develop more interest to read the book. Book review writing can be daunting if you do not have the experience. And because it needs to be concise, you might miss out on important information while writing. So follow these tips to draft a perfect review.