Hello to my fellow book lovers! My name is Michelle and welcome to What Is That Book About!

I am one of those people who just absolutely love and appreciate books. I may not like every genre but for the ones that I enjoy, I will not turn down any book. There are so many books out there that are wonderful that so many of us haven't yet heard of. I always say that there is not an expiration date on them so the best discoveries may be of those that have been written at anytime just waiting to be read. 

I decided to create What Is That Book About because I was inspired by a moment that I had visiting a library. Jokingly, my frequent trips always would be a joke from friends that I would qualify for literary rehab but I finally had a moment that made it all worth it. I was looking up books on the computer when I heard a patron come in ask what was good to read. The person behind the desk said she wasn't sure and gave her an out of date version of a famous newspaper's top list. I won't say but you know who it is. I just looked over and was like, really? You work in a library and can't pick a book?

I find myself always talking about and recommending books. After chatting with the woman about some great titles that I thought she would enjoy, I said why not make a site where book lovers can chat and connect about books. For the ones who aren't sure, we can give them some great ideas so they don't have to miss out. 

Now, for me, it isn't about the most popular book or one "that" is on that list. Books mean a lot to me and the people who take the time to write them. The books you will see on here are selected based upon the heart of its contents not popularity. It means more to me to share a great story with you rather than one that has sold a million copies. I hope you find a title that you would like. Feel free at any time to share a comment or send me an email to let me know whats on your mind. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Reading Everyone!