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7 Novel Writing Tips For Beginners by Melissa Cartew

The fact that you are thinking about having your novel is remarkable. You already have a story in mind; you just need to put it down on paper.

Having a beautifully written book boils down to creativity, hard work and dedication. Getting to write 1000 words is not enough. Learning how to sieve through the massive word count and only remain with a small portion is what counts.

You would rather have 200 words of great content that hundreds of pages of boring material. Your writing skills might be impeccable, but without proper guidance on writing tips, your novel might not see the light of day.

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With these 7 tips, you can learn how to write a novel and transform your imagination into beautiful, profound literature.

1. Have a structure

You need to have a guide that will help you structure your story. Whatever story you have in mind, it needs to have a smooth flow. Otherwise, you will end up with a messed up book with twisted ideas and confusing sections.

Break your content into chapters. Each section needs a proper outline. This allows you to create a transition from the beginning, middle and ending.

2. Create a schedule

The more you practice on your skill, the better you become. Eventually, you need to create time when you sit down and write your book.

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Find what time best works for you. It can be early in the morning before you start your day, or late at night before you sleep.

3. Have a word count limit

The excitement to have your own book might have you writing a couple of pages a day. Since you start and this is your first novel, you will ultimately start finding the task exhausting.

You have to know how to pace yourself. Remember, the whole point is to have an interesting book. Set a small word count you can easily achieve daily. It is all about consistency.

4. Read books

You already know a few brilliant authors with amazing books. They inspire you to improve your skill. Read your favorite authors for inspiration.

Learn how to use phrases that take your readers on an emotional roller coaster. The more you read, the better your imagination and writing skills.

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5. Settle on a niche

What do you love reading? What niche interests you the most? Focus your story on that. Instead of writing content that you think people will like, write what you would love to read.

Every niche can be an interesting read if presented properly. If you want to confirm that, read this essay sample on mrs dubose to kill a mockingbird. This should give a new perspective on how to draft any story into a compelling piece.

Remember, you are not writing for yourself. You are presenting your story to thousands of people who love the same niche as you. Since you already know what gets your heart pumping, get your pen or laptop and transform it into words.

6. Make your characters relatable

Your characters are the foundation of your story. You need to make them compelling and relatable. Give them an edge or a vulnerability. Whatever it is they are going through has to resonate well with your readers.

If you have a hero in your story, focus on their human element and less on their macho power. Failure is an important factor to include in your book. Your characters need to experience failure at some point. Otherwise, you will have a novel that tries to sell perfection to the wrong crowd.

7. Have a journal

Jot down any ideas you have about your book before you forget. You might not have your laptop with you all the time, which is why you need a journal.


You need to develop the consistency to write often. Some famous authors spent years writing their first novel. Do not be in a rush to complete your story. Take time to develop your material by making your characters interesting and relatable.

Put in the effort to wow your readers with stunning literature. If you feel comfortable writing one page a day, stick to that, but see it through.

Use these novel writing tips to create literary indulgence. With practice, you can transform your story into gorgeous content that will feed the soul of your readers.

When stuck, take a break; maybe have a cup of tea or coffee. Keep at it. Do not quit.

Melissa Cartew

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