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Real Life Love Lessons Learned From Writing

When we all pick up one of our favorite Harlequin romance novels, they just can't help but make us swoon or just make us think about a moment that connects us to the book. Have you ever wandered what some of your favorite author think? Check out some of the love lessons they learned from writing their books!

Shirley McCoy

In Secrets & Lies, Ariel learns that she must let go of old heartache to embrace new opportunities. This is a valuable lesson in love and in life. Sometimes, we cling to old hurts and let them color our view of the world and the people around us. Ariel is like that. She’s been hurt many times. Her marriage was not what she’d hoped for or wanted. When she meets Tristan, she isn’t planning on falling in love. She’s determined to raise her daughter on her own. Because of her past, she’s unwilling to see Tristan for who he really is. Or, maybe, she is just unwilling to believe that he is the man he seems to be. As they struggle to solve the mysteries that surround Ariel, she sees again and again that Tristan can be trusted with her emotions and with her heart. Eventually, she begins to understand that her past is coloring her view of the present. To love again and to love completely, she must choose to release the pain she is clinging to. I think that sometimes we wear our heartaches and disappointments like badges of honor. To live our fullest and most fulfilling lives, we must do exactly what Ariel did – look hard at the past, learn from it, and then let it go. 

Lisa Childs

To trust love.  Megan doesn’t trust Gage’s feelings for her because he’s gorgeous and she doesn’t see the beauty in herself.  She thought he was using her to get ahead with her father for whom he worked. So she broke up with him. He quit his job, rejoined the Marines and deployed. He was presumed dead for months.  Megan realized too late that she should have trusted his love.  After a couple romantic setbacks of my own, I had to learn to trust love again.  But like Megan, at first I was scared to believe. But like Megan, I found my courage to risk my heart.  






Delores Fossen

I’ve learned that love can overcome most things. That includes painful pasts, differences and even family squabbles. When love is the foundation of a relationship, it’s much easier to stay together or find your way back to each other.

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