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Timbre Press Announces New Multimedia Book That Highlights Music's Impact on the Human Experience

Photo Credit: PR Newswire

Photo Credit: PR Newswire

DENVER, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Timbre Press today announces the release of Stories of Music, a multimedia book that features works from more than 40 contributors—many who are award-winning authors and artists—from 11 countries. Focused on capturing music's impact on the human experience, the stories explore music's role in healing, community, family and cultural traditions, musicianship, and travel.

Readers will learn how rock and blues music helped to heal the war-torn country of Bosnia, about the tradition of candombe drumming in Uruguay, and about the history of musicians who travelled on foot—from the balladeers of Victorian England and the Delta bluesmen of the early 20th century to present day musicians who participate in the Massachusetts Walking Tour. Along with these and other stories, the book includes photography from around the world, poetry readings, and original music from more than 10 artists, including a song that was performed to honor first responders at Ground Zero.

Holly E. Tripp, who compiled and edited Stories of Music, had commented, "Music is something we all have in common. It transcends religion, race, language, and even time. This universal nature of music is what I wanted to capture in this collection, and it was important to create a reader experience that would mirror the depth and dimensions of music itself."

Photo Credit: PR Newswire

Photo Credit: PR Newswire

In an effort to help increase access to music, the publisher will donate 10 percent of book proceeds to nonprofit organizations Hungry for Music and Music & Memory. Hungry for Music supports music education and cultural enrichment by acquiring and distributing quality musical instruments to underserved children who have willing instructors and a hunger to play. Music & Memory brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology, vastly improving their quality of life.

Stories of Music includes a foreword from Music & Memory's founder and executive director, Dan Cohen, MSW. The book is presented in print with a free web edition for accessing the audio and video works. The print book is available for $29 at

About Holly E. Tripp

Holly E. Tripp is a songwriter and freelance writer, editor, and marketing consultant based in Denver, Colorado.

About Timbre Press

Timbre Press is an independent publishing company based in Denver, Colorado, which publishes books about music, including nonfiction, poetry, and photography.

For more information, visit or

Source Credit: Timbre Press

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