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Review: Squishy Face and The Moon by Jennifer Oneal Gunn

Book Summary

Squishy face is a little girl in a big world, which often frightens her. Luckily, she has Big Mama to guide her and show her the way. In this book, Big Mama teaches little Squishy Face about the moon.


Who would think the moon would be scary? Meet Squishy face, a young girl, who one night her mom discovers is afraid of the moon. Just like any mom wanting to makes this better, she decides to tell her a story that piques her interest about the moon. he young reader wil follow her journey as she learns to conquer her fears and gains a new understanding of what the moon does. This was such a wonderful incorporation of an engaging story along with an introduction to the moon cycles and science. The message that gets presented is brought to a level where a child can relate and enjoy. I would not only recommend as a story to be read but also as a teaching tool as well.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

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