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Playlist: Serendipity of Fate by Becky Banks

The playlist for Serendipity of Fate started out as just a mish mash of songs I love. I like to block out my internal writing critic with loud music when I create, plus it helps keep me focused and not thinking of the 32 million other things on my to do list. Then, about the time when I was halfway through writing the book my husband got the latest Major Laser CD… After binge-listening to the entire album like a chocoholic with a pan of freshly baked chocolate cake, I added my fav songs to my writing playlist making it even more moody and inspiring. At some point, I think it was at the end of writing Serendipity, the Credence tracks were added when I wanted a bit more Southern rock to set the scene.  I have eclectic tastes when it comes to music, I was raised in Hawai’i with local island music but my mother was a military brat who grew up in the mainland listening to everything from gospel to Guns n’ Roses. I like a bit of everything, and I think this playlist shows that. BTW, I recommend listening to Faded, Be Together and Powerful when reading chapter 26’s love scene. ;0)  


About the Book

It’s been two years since Cason McPherson watched his best friend die in his arms. With shrapnel in his hip and a war behind him, he keeps focused on building a civilian life and not on what he wants most: the woman of his dreams, Savannah. If only she’d stop bringing up topics he has to keep secrets about. 

Savannah Sparling has no time for baggage, and Cason McPherson brought home a matching set in scathing green—with a carry-on duffel bag full of lies. He’s the childhood friend who enlisted with her brother. He came home, and her brother didn’t. 

Balancing work with demanding clients while fulfilling a personal vendetta against Cason consumes Savannah’s already full schedule—until a series of unstoppable events leads to a collision between Savannah’s work and personal lives. Her carefully structured path in the world is crushed, her own blood is spilled, and passion between her and an unlikely bedfellow ignite. 

Cason and Savannah find the only the people strong enough to save them from themselves is each other. But will either one of them accept the help—and the love—that’s offered?

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About the Author

Becky Banks grew up, like the generations of Bankses before her, in the Hawaiian Islands. With the islands as her roots, Becky was raised within the time-honored tradition of “talking story” before a backdrop of grassy fields, blue waters, and cloud-clad mountains. She moved to the mainland after high school to attend Oregon State University, where she studied forestry, natural resources, and science education. One fateful day she realized that her decades of scribblings promised the makings of a romance writer. Becky’s first novel, The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, achieved the Night Owl Reviews Top Pick Award and Amazon’s Best Seller for Historical Romanc

Becky lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Keith, and their wild toddler, Sammy.

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