Excerpt: Just One Touch by Jami Wagner

Just One Touch Synopsis

Secrets … they’re risky business. 

Conner Brian was kept in the dark about being a father, so he isn’t a fan of people who aren't truthful. Now, with a four-year-old son, he’s adjusting to life as a dad. He’s getting along with his son’s mother, working at the Black Alcove bar, and he’s ready for classes in the fall. Life is good.

Alexis Parker has finally taken a leap of faith to meet her brother. Only he doesn’t know it. Terrified of rejection but determined to reunite with the only family she has left, she keeps the reason behind her move to Wind Valley to herself. She isn’t going to allow her past to steal her happiness any longer.

When Alexis moves into the apartment across from Conner, they both soon realize how pieces of their own lives affect the other. But even though their connection feels real, some things are better left unshared.

Her secret could break a promise he’s made to a friend and his secret could break her. If Conner and Alexis can’t trust in each other, they’ll be hurting more than just themselves.

A fun New Adult romance, Just One Touch fills your heart with love and tests the power of trust.



From the moment Conner reminded me about this get together at his friend’s house, I’ve felt this weird vibe. Like he was nervous I was going to say no. His hands have been twisting around the steering wheel for the entire drive, and he hasn’t spoken but a few words here and there. Normally I’d let his odd actions pass and not think another thing of it, but his nervousness is making me worry. There’s only one way to address this: ask him the obvious question and hope that his answer isn’t the one I believe it is. I never asked him whose house we were going to—because who has a barbeque twice a month?—but right now, I wish I would have done that before we got in the truck.
“Conner, is everything okay?” Although this isn’t my question, easing into the one I want to ask is probably the best idea.
“Yeah,” he answers quickly, not pulling his eyes away from the road to look at me. Safety is good, but he’s always been the kind of person to make eye contact when he talks. Avoiding it isn’t a good sign. When he doesn’t add to his answer, I get the feeling he knows, and I get right to the point.
“Whose house are we going to?”
“A friend’s.”
“What kind of friend?”
“It’s Logan’s house,” he blurts out.
Crap. I knew it. I can’t meet him now. I’m not ready to do this. What is Conner thinking, bringing me here? Oh that’s right, he has no idea because I’ve kept it a secret. Unless he does know, and then this is awful.
“Like, the same couple who own the bar you work at?” It’s a stupid question, I know, but I’m secretly hoping he knows another Logan.
“Yes, and I know how you feel about the whole thing, but Logan is my best friend and I really want you two to meet.”
“I’m not feeling well. I think you should take me home.”
“What?” At the same moment he pulls his truck into the driveway of a medium-sized dark blue house with brown trim. From the outside it looks as though it might be a bi-level. I can tell it definitely has an upstairs from the giant window in the arc.
There are a group of people huddled around the middle of three garage doors and a group of women near the front door. I immediately recognize Beth and Kelsey, but the other woman, the one with blonde hair curled and flowing like waterfall to the middle of her back, I don’t know her. But I have a pretty good idea who she is. She’s another person I’m not ready to meet.
“We have to leave,” I say, quickly. My body temperature rises and I feel the lunch I had earlier fighting its way to come up. “Now, please. Get me out of here now!”

About Jami Wagner

JAMI WAGNER was born in Wyoming. Still living in the Cowboy State, Jami and her boyfriend are currently writing their own love story with their yellow lab.

Jami enjoys writing New Adult and published her debut novella Date in the Dark in 2015. The first book in her Black Alcove series, Just One Kiss, released in October 2015.

Visit and connect with Jami at www.jami-wagner.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AuthorJamiWagner, on Twitter at @Jami_Wagner, or on Instagram at @JAMIWAGNER_.