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Review: Sierra Mist by Aubree Lane

Book Summary
Determined and forceful, Jessie Marcus, finds herself embedded within a world full of secrecy and deception. Two men want and need her, one sinister and deceitful, the other mysterious and watchful. Clues quickly unravel revealing something unimaginable and unnatural happening up on Catamount Ridge. The burden falls to her to stop the supernatural forces that threaten her home and family.

The beautifully written story Sierra Mist by Aubree Lane is captivating to say the least. I found myself completely and utterly entrapped within the pages, always on the edge of my seat with the thrilling suspense of the plot. Jessie Marcus, a local forest ranger, finds herself in a compromising position, but she can’t quite remember the dream like events. Nothing is made clear to poor Jessie, but one thing is clear, the Foster cousins have something to do with it and cannot be trusted.

The concept and plot of Sierra Mist is completely unique. Aubree Lane should be applauded on her originality in creating a story that contains supernatural elements in a new and entertaining fashion. I was never bored while reading, and found myself on the edge of my seat with anticipation of the events that were to come. 

The supernatural element in Sierra Mist really sneaks up on the audience, which if you have read the book, is fitting and of character. The first half of the book is subtle and the plot is never truly revealed until the end, keeping readers wanting more. The plot is simple, but complex and impossible to guess until laid out, allowing for Lane to completely trap the attention of her story.

My only complaint is that I wish this story would have been longer, which in reality is not a complaint but a compliment to the author. I was so engrossed within the story that I did not want it to end so soon because, one, I wanted to enjoy more of the beautifully written pages, specifically the witty dialogue. Two, explore deeper into the plot and myths around the events that transpire. And three, I truly did not want the story to end. I wanted to revel in the ending and feel more emotion towards the events that transpired. The story has great character development for being so short, but more pages could have enacted more feelings the audience held for the characters. 

While reading it felt like the book could have been longer and even made into a series. The rushed ending really saddened me because I wanted to delve further into the characters and the plot. Do not be fooled, the ending was extremely satisfying, but I found myself wanting to read more from Lane who writes mesmerizingly. This book is an absolute recommendation, it is wonderful! 

Reviewed by Rachel Keane

Book Information
Publication date: 5/1/2013
Format: eBook

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