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Review: The Sign Painter by Davis Bunn

Available at  Amazon  and  Barnes and Noble

Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

About the Book

A deeply emotive story about a young mother struggling to get back on her feet after a devastating loss leaves both her and her daughter alone and living on the street—from bestselling and award-winning author Davis Bunn.

Amy Dowell had always considered herself a very good mother. But when she loses her husband to illness and her home to debt, she finds herself and her young daughter, Kimberly, living on the streets as she struggles to find a job that will get them back on their feet again.

When Amy meets Lucy Watts, the pastor in charge of the church program that fed Amy and Kimberly their latest meal, Lucy sets them up in temporary housing and gives her a lead on a job painting signs for a local auto dealership—but Amy is hesitant to let go and trust. Is this finally a legitimate break? Can Amy subject herself to the possibility of disappointment and hurt by hoping again?

Inspired by the true story, The Sign Painter is a tale of desperation, taking chances, and ultimately redemption. This heartwarming novel blends mystery, romance, and characters you’ll root for, will leave you wondering–Is home really where the heart is?


The Sign Painter was definitely one of those books that had a little bit of everything but what I thoroughly enjoyed was the central story surrounding the character Amy Dowell. So many people when they hear someone is a single mother, immediately stigmatize and judge them without ever having been in there shoes. Amy could be anyone you know and her story is one that can happen at any time. One day her life changed and a series of events left her homeless with her daughter. 

As a reader, you can’t help but fall in love and root for Amy. She and her daughter, Kimmie, have experienced their fair share of obstacles. After the death of her husband, life took a nosedive but despite that, she held onto her faith with the aspirations of reclaiming a stable life of security for the both of them. Not having any support system or means to better, she didn’t rely on anyone but worked hard to get make things better. Working odd jobs here and there to support the both of them, by luck she came across a woman named Lucy, who was part of a church where her instinct and compassion kicked in to give Amy a chance to rebuild their life.

Lucy represents what I wish more people in this would do. I really enjoyed the story that developed between the two of them. Lucy completely embodied everything about paying forward. This really made you want to grab a Kleenex. I know many people out there are struggling with religion and more specifically the role a church plays reaching out to the community. It was really nice reading a character who on a leap of faith, more intuitive instinct, saw someone who really needed a helping hand, put themselves out there for them so they could have a chance. People come into your life at the right time for the right reason. Sometimes we have to go through some things but at our darkest hour, when we least expect it, we find light. Through their inspirational friendship, we see Amy grow and get the life she was trying so desperately to have. 

Now, the book did have a little bit of action going on that spiced up the book. Amy was witness to something that opened up this who saga that brought some excitement to the book. I don’t want to be a party pooper but I could’ve done without this. Not that it was terrible or anything but there are other characters that had aspects of their lives that I think we could’ve delved into that would’ve been just as interesting. Nonetheless, it gave a little excitement to an already enjoyable read.

Bunn inspires with a novel of hope and gives a face to those who have faced similar obstacles that you keep working hard to rebuild your life even when each day seems like a better day is unreachable, faith sometimes is all you have to hold unto. He shows us how this single mom despite the odds against, held onto hope and through hard work and determination lived each day harder to make life better. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the message that offers to readers. I would recommend this book to read.

Reviewed by Michelle Bowle

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