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Review: Bidding on the Bachelor by Kerri Carpenter

I’m feeling slightly cheated here. Well, I guess it’s my fault actually. I completely forgot this book was in a series when I read it and I have the first book but read this one first? So, I’m going to be honest and tell you that I don’t know how much weight reading the first book adds but considering how I felt about this book, it was awesome alone but I’d recommend reading because it sounds like it might answer some questions about Elle that I was curious about while reading the book.

There is nothing sweeter than a second chance romance that you always have to grab those tissues for at the end. Kerri definitely wooed me with her latest in the Saved by the Blog series, Bidding on the Bachelor, leaving me curious for some answers that I desperately want for book three. Like, who the heck is the Bayside blogger, annoying he or she is but definitely added some flavor to the lives of these characters.

Jasper and Carissa definitely define that old cliché of if you’re meant to be together, it shall be. Who knew that time would heal all wounds and bring them back together after 10 years?  After the way it ended, the two of them seemed definitely not in the cards but a little thing like life happens and the right time comes around.

So, Carissa once was the It girl. You know the type. She was one of the popular gals who had it all with the cool boyfriend, Jasper but they were very young. When it was time to go to college, Carissa wanted big and better things and the way Jasper was, was not going to cut it. So, she just up and left, leaving his heart broken and not turning back. The only problem is there was more to the story then but you can’t change yesterday or get back time and the decision she made had consequences. I guess it’s how you look at it from what happens to her if this was karma but the last thing she ever would’ve thought would be to return back to Bayside.

Jasper had always been the guy in second place living in the shadow of his older brother Cam. He went through life feeling like he had to show how good he was, not being enough. Already feeling this way, when Carissa left him, leaving saying so much that equated that he was not good enough anymore, he was broken hearted and devastated. Something in him sparked something that made him strive to shatter that perception of living up to his dad and her and be more than he could’ve ever been. Life going forward, circumstances leading into his favor, he took over his dad’s company and made a great life for himself. Single, rich and slated as one of Bayside’s most desired bachelors, on the night of one of his biggest accomplishments, the last person he ever thought to see was standing in front him. Find out how fate and destiny meet a second time around for these two in this sweet book.

I really liked the book. I loved how not only were these two high school sweethearts, we got to feel real love through the ups and downs of life. Look at Carissa, a former it girl who turned up her nose at the town for bigger and better. Life really kicked her in the gut and got a dose of humble pie having to start life over with nothing, crawling back to where she said she'd never come back to. Then you have someone like Jasper who was made to feel like he wasn't good enough, bust his butt in life to accomplish something that was unattainable but be the best person he could be. I love reading characters like this. It makes you feel good when you see people get knocked down and get back up. Secondly, that awesome feeling of getting a second chance at love always leaves you warm and fuzzy inside with your pompoms rooting for them all the way.

I’m going back to read book one so I don’t miss out on anything anticipating book three. Overall, loved the characters. There was never a dull moment. Kerri is such a sweet storyteller of the type of characters that you want in your life. Loved the book and definitely looking for answers in book 3. You don't even have to ask, add to your TBR!

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