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Review: Public Relations by Katie Heaney & Arianna Rebolini

I had really high hopes for this one, and I regret that I didn’t love it. I was immediately sold when I read the description and started the book with a smile on my face. However, I was left feeling disappointed.

It failed at what it attempted to accomplish. The set up was there, but it felt like the authors wanted to get the characters together and rush to the happy ending, so the fillings were neglected. It really lacked romantic development. I wanted these characters to be together, and this is only because I thought that they would be cute together.

However, with the material that was given I do not think that they were ready to jump in a relationship just yet. There needed to be more bonding. They barely spent any time together. And if they were together the interaction was not enough to have them be thrusted in a relationship so quickly.

I think if this was a duology this story would have made more sense. This is a good set up novel, and a second one could help with building the storyline and expanding upon the romance.

Another complaint I have is that there was a lot of information given at once. For example, the authors spent almost five pages explaining in detail why Rose ended up where she did. Quite frankly that part was boring, and I wish that it would have been condensed. It was too many details at once.

One thing that I did enjoy is the public relations aspect. It was interesting to see how that job worked and exactly what they did.


The characters are likable. Rose is funny. Archie is sweet. And I wonder if he was based off of Harry Styles because there were more than a few similarities between the two.

I do wish that there would have been more background on both of them. For example, Rose’s parents were mentioned a couple times, but I never got a sense of her relationship with them and their current role in her life. The same with Archie.

I really do think that this romance does have potential, and I would love to see them in a well-developed relationship.

Final Analysis

Public Relations has potential, but fails to develop anything in a way that would feel complete. It felt very rushed, and at times packed with unnecessary details.

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