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Review: A Girl Without a Face by Medeia Sharif

This book felt like a Lifetime movie. Although some Lifetime movies are interesting and entertaining, this was not. It did start off strong; however, the quality declined as it continue and it felt as if the author randomly selected outrageous things to occur.

The overall premise of the plot was very intriguing. Destiny wakes up and can’t remember who she is. All she has are these dreams, but she can’t see anyone’s faces. Her mother, Mildred, tries to prevent Destiny from finding out the truth and later becomes physically abusive. Destiny and her neighbor, Gabriel, try to bring back her memories.

I expected it to be thrilling and intense because of the mystery of what happened to Destiny and also because of her mother’s strange behavior. In the beginning, those things were present, but as the plot begins to develop those feelings disappeared. It became predictable. Reader’s will be able to figure out Destiny’s past within the first or second flashbacks.

Another problem I had was that the dialogue was weak. The characters felt lifeless when they spoke. It felt awkward and in turn impacted the romance. As a whole, the romance was nonexistent and contributed nothing to the story.  Destiny and Gabriel had zero chemistry and it felt rushed. She randomly opens up to him in their first meeting, and he felt too perfect.

Final Analysis

A Girl Without a Face is a predictable mystery that falls extremely short of being suspenseful and intense.

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