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Review: A Boy Like You by Ginger Scott

A Boy Like You was a decent. It definitely was not predictable and isn’t the average love story like I was expecting it to be.  It was emotional with some sparkles of paranormal. The paranormal aspect of it is a little vague because the characters are still trying to figure out what is happening.

This book was a little frustrating because it took a while for some things to be revealed. And when they were reveal, the reasoning for the secrets felt a little weak. There is a second book, and I do plan to read it. I would love to know how the author plans to expand on certain things.

The pacing was nice; it was not too fast or too slow. The author took her time developing things which in turn benefited the romance. We get to experience those moments where Joss and Wes begin to open up to each other and fall in love.


Joss is extremely reckless and makes terrible decisions; however, she does change. I would have liked to have seen scenes where she realized that she was being reckless to have been highlighted more, but it sort of got lost and did not really stand out to me. It should have been a bigger moment.

I did enjoy Joss. I appreciated that she was not perfect, and that she had so many different layers to her. She had a very complicated relationship with her father, and as the story progresses we see that relationship change. Although, I enjoyed where they ended up, the progress lacked a little. Her father’s reasoning for her behavior is never really explained and I would have liked to hear him address his reasoning for changing.

Wes was a guardian angel for Joss. And I mean that literally. He saves her so many times in this book. His backstory is vague; maybe in the next installment it can be in his POV as well and we get some details about his life. He was a good guy. And I felt the love that him and Joss had for each other. It was a sweet romance. It was a little unbelievable that he fell in love with her when they were nine.

Final Analysis

A Boy Like You is a decent book filled with likable characters, a good romance, and a mystery.

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