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Review: Break Line by Sarah E. Green

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I think my favorite thing about Break Line was how easy Emery and Sebastian were able to fall into a relationship. It felt right and natural from the moment they met. Because of their chemistry and compatibility it was easy to believe that they were in a relationship.

I didn’t find myself second guessing them. The author did not add any unnecessary drama to keep them apart or a ridiculous love triangle. It would have been a disservice to both characters if she did, and it wouldn’t have worked.

As for the actual plot of the book, I have mixed feelings. Basically the plot of the book, is that something happened to Emery a couple of years ago that caused her to quit surfing. You find out very early on in the book that she actually did not quit, but still surfs unbeknownst to her family.

Sebastian, or Bash, is a famous surfer who escapes to a small Florida town because he needs a break and is losing his motivation for the activity. Sebastian and Emery meet at a party one night and the story progresses from there.

Both Sebastian and Emery’s story had potential to be emotional and impactful, however, the plots were thrusted in the background and rushed to be wrapped up at the end. For example, one important moment for Emery happened off scene and was casually mentioned, although it was built up in the beginning to be this huge situation.

And the most frustrating thing is that out of Emery’s entire arc this situation was the most believable and relatable because it was hugely centered on her family. The other, Emery’s reason for quitting surfing for a while, was worthy of a raised eyebrow.

This happened a lot. The author introduced plotlines and either skimmed over them or dropped them completely. Another example of this is related to an earlier scene with Sebastian. Another character had to force him to take his medications. The reason to why he takes them is never told, and the medications are never mentioned again.

For a book about surfers, it barely describes the activity at all. Instead, it focuses more on the romance and attempts to focus more on the character’s relationships to each other.


I liked Sebastian, and I liked Emery. I liked them more together than I did apart. Separate they felt a little undeveloped. Who’s Emery without Sebastian? And who’s Sebastian without Emery?

It is worth mentioning that it was a little rude that Emery ran off to see a dog in the middle of her best friend pouring her heart out.

Although, I enjoyed Emery and Sebastian, I’m still on the fence about whether I want to read the second book in the series. It’s going to be in POV’s of two supporting characters from this novel.

The supporting characters all blended together; I didn’t connect with them, or care about their relationship to the main characters. There were a lot and it was hard to tell them apart from each other.

Two characters in particular seemed to have something serious going on with them. One is Sebastian and his mystery medications. And the other is Nori, Emery’s cousin. There were so serious red flags with her throughout the book that ended up being explained poorly with a throwaway line. It was frustrating because as a reader, you know something is wrong, however, it was brushed over and never explained.

Final Analysis

Break Line has a quality romance, however, if you look deeper it’s hard to find anything else as well developed as that. It’s full of plot holes with cheap explanations and unbelievable events.

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