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Review: Lovers Like Us (#2 Like Us Series) by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Everyone who knows me knows that Krista and Becca are my favorite authors. I’ve never have been so impacted by characters or loved characters as much as I love theirs. There is something so beautifully flawed and human about all their characters. And you can’t help but want to protect them, cheer for them, and also want the best for them.

I read my first KB book back in 2015, and I never looked back. Every book is different, yet the same. Captivating.  Emotional. Inspiring. Always, always entertaining and always about family.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have a great love for the characters that KB create. Especially, the core six from the Addicted Series. I got to witness an incredible journey filled with humor, love, heartbreak, and magic.  Although, the Addicted Series ended last year, I’m emotionally invested in the stories.

And I’m so incredibly thankful that I don’t have to let go of these characters just yet. The Like Us Series focuses on the children of the core six. Mainly focusing on Maximoff Hale, Jane Cobalt, and Sullivan Meadows.

We’re two books in, and I’m loving every second of it. I’ve lost count of how many times I cried, cheered, and laughed. I was immediately drawn into this fictional universe. I can rave about this series all day long, but unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day, so I’ll try to touch on as much as I can without giving away spoilers or being confusing.

Lovers Like Us takes these beloved characters on a tour as they stop in various cities meeting fans. The impact of book 1’s (Damaged Like Us) events still very present and negative.  Maximoff and Farrow are still secretly dating, and there is new threat hiding in the background.  

I thought the tour aspect of it was unique and fresh. Stuffing that many people into a tour bus is sure going to create an interesting and entertaining dynamic between characters. This is random, but I personally enjoyed the Q&A sessions. That was fun.

I’ve said this plenty of times in this review, but this was emotional. And I’m used to the heavy nature that does appear in KB books, but I was still impacted. No spoilers, but I did have to take a moment while reading. There is a certain kind of realness in all of their books. It does hit you hard.

Although I loved this book, I am aware that this is a journey. It’s hard to look at one KB book and analyze it to the fullest. When I think in terms of KB’s books, I think them all as individual chapters in one big book. When you read them separate you do see the clear developments (both relationship and character) and plot progression.

However, when you read them together as a whole, you see so much more. Call backs to moments from earlier in the series. Hints for what is going to happen next. Tiny moments that make your heart sing. And most of all, you see incredible grand character & relationship developments that you might have missed if you hadn’t read them together. It’s a ride that has a start, middle, and an end. And that’s the most rewarding part. And something I can’t wait to experience with this series.


I’d witnessed Maximoff, Jane, and Sullivan grow up in the Addicted Series, and to see them as young adults, discovering who they are, makes me emotional. I’m excited about where they are going to end up. I know it’s going to be tough at times, but it’s going to be beautiful in the end; I have faith.

The Like Us Series begins in Maximoff’s POV, which is fitting since his mother started the predecessor series. And in Lovers Like Us we’re still in his POV. Like all KB book, although you’re one particular POV, this doesn’t mean the other characters blend in the background. They’re still there; actively living their lives, developing contributing to the greater picture.

Maximoff Hale is so caring and protective. Like all the kids, you can really see the influence his parents had on him. He’s this smart, comic book lover who wants to do good in the world.

He has a strong presence in his sibling and cousins’ lives. I love his relationship with his family. He willing to do anything for them. It really touches my heart. Each relationship is different. For example, his relationship with Jane Cobalt, is much different than his with Charlie Cobalt. And although, him and Charlie don’t necessarily get along, at the end of the day, they’re family and will stand tall together like him and Jane.

As for him and Farrow? Of course, I have no complaints. They have this adorable, healthy protective relationship between them filled with cute moments and banter. You could really feel the love between them. I’m really curious to see what happens next. Like most things in life, their relationship is not going to be easy. It’s already complicated because Farrow is Maximoff’s bodyguard.

My love for Farrow grew this book. I’m still learning about him and his past. He’s protective, and I’m curious to see his friendships with the other bodyguards and children grow.

I don’t know the bodyguards as well as I know the kids because they are relatively new to me. However, I’m enjoying them and how they are their own little family. I’m excited to learn more about them and maybe possibly experience their stories. I did find it interesting and sweet that they have such a strong loyalty to the particular family that they protect.

Final Analysis

Lovers Like Us is very much a Krista and Becca Ritchie book. The characters are lovable and incredible. The love story is amazing. You’ll want to laugh on one page and cry on the other.

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