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Review: Ink Garden by Alexandria Ryu

I’ve been really into poetry books recently, so I wasted no time buying Ink Garden. Ink Garden felt very much like a diary of someone’s poems as they traveled the world. It felt very free and not restricted to one certain area.

This is a book that feels wrong to read in your room on a rainy afternoon. It needs to be read as you travel and experience the earth. At best, the poems should be read outside.

Because of this, I didn’t really connect to it. The poems felt like an adventure, and it was hard imagine myself there. I felt a little left out, unsure how to react or interpret the poems. The poems aren’t long, and there are only so much you can describe in a couple of sentences.

This really hindered my reading experience. If I had read this as I was on one grand adventure, then I would most definitely would have enjoyed it. Instead of just reading and continuing, I would have spent more time actually analyzing the poems and relating it to my own experiences.

This book had very beautiful poems; each one different than the last.  And it was interesting that the author included photos after each poem. The photos added to the simplicity and adventurous feel of the poems.

Final Analysis

Ink Garden is a poetry book about adventure. It works best when you’re actually living the experience and exploring.

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