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Review: Night Music by Deanna Lynn Sletten

It’s so refreshing reading another book by Deanna Lynn Sletten. She has a way about her writing that is beautiful, especially the development of relationships into a romance that are in her books. You are not rushed. It isn’t predictable or cliche. I love the way she tells a story, especially with the theme of Night Music, she handled the subject objectively and captured the spirit of all sides.

I don’t recall reading a novel that involved the Vietnam War. As controversial as the commentary that has been expressed pro and con, I really applaud Deanna for creating a balance setting around the soldiers and the civilian. That aspect of the book was very thought provoking especially considering the political climate currently. Her characters really embodied their respective stances through the strength of their convictions which was very enlightening.

So, the novel was set late 60s and early 70s. We are introduced to Joe and his fellow soldiers on the front lines. Two things kept him calm, the sound of night music and the letters he received from Charlotte, a girl who joined a group who wanted to correspond with soldiers. Since the death of her brother, she was hoping that writing would help her understand what happened to her brother. She found herself corresponding with Joe, whom they developed a friendship until time drifted them away. He never forgot her and when tragedy struck, he decided on a second chance at life and what better place to go, Grand Falls.

A couple years later, never expecting to see Charlotte, he is stunned when their paths cross. She is everything he’d hope she’d be which leaves a lasting impression that pulls at his heart. One problem, she has a boyfriend who isn’t too thrilled about what seems to be some sort of magnetic pull between them. Once she learns who Joe really is, I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it was just a coincidence or were they meant to be.

Overall, I thought another well thought out beautifully written novel that just sweeps you up into their journey. Great characters with engaging storylines. They each brought something special that collectively came together cohesively. You will feel many things with this book as for some it will stir up some thoughts for those who lived during this time and there are a moments that will definitely grab your empathy getting into the head of what people like Joe and Tony had to go through. I enjoyed the book and hope you add it to your TBR!

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