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Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton

Before reading this book, I was familiar with Princess Diana. I was aware of the public’s perception of her and how beloved that she was. I was also aware of the tragic way her life ended. However, as much as I was familiar with her, I believe I was still unaware of who she really was. I was a toddler in 1997 was Diana passed.

Before this book, I had a very general perceptive of her. Everyone loved her, so she had to be this truly impactful and amazing person. But I didn’t know why. Everything I knew came from the media and other people in my life. I hadn’t really did my research. After the recent royal wedding, I decided to finally dig a little deeper into the life of Diana.

Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words is an in-depth and personal look into the life of the beloved Princess of Wales. It’s deeply emotional and addicting. It’s intriguing, and it allows for readers to get a glimpse into the surprisingly heart breaking life that Diana had. The book also features transcripts of interviews that the author had with Diana; so it truly is in her own words.

She seems human and caring. She is not portrayed as a perfect individual. She most certainly had her faults, and was deeply troubled. Diana dealt with mental illnesses and eating disorders.

Andrew Morton also does not shy away from the drama surrounding Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage. He explores it all the cheating, the lies, and the unhappiness.

As much as this book is about her personal life, it’s about her work. The author spends a considerable amount of time exploring Diana’s dedication to helping others, especially bringing awareness to HIV/AIDS. It is clear that those causes were important to her, and I’m glad that they were included in the book.

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