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Review: Then There Was You by Miranda Liasson

I’m always excited to dive into a new series by an author, especially one that I absolutely love. Then There Was You, the first book by Miranda Liasson in the Angel Falls series, didn’t disappoint. There is such beauty in the way Miranda writes her novels that embraces romance and relationships in a way that is just so sweet and real.

I love when two people that you don’t think would ever fall for each other are each “meant to be”. You wouldn’t think that if you were in Sara Langdon’s shoes considering that coming home to Angel Falls was the last place on earth she’d ever want to be. Humiliated and heart broken, her fiance ditched her before her wedding for someone he used to date. Everything about her hometown was a bad reminder of everything that she thought was going to be. Never wanting to comeback, she put aside her feelings to help her grandma deal with an illness.

While on rotation on a shift at the hospital, the first person she sees is the one person who ruined her wedding. Not seeing Colton Walker since then brought back so many emotions that has her wandering if she could deal with things. Determined to avoid him at all costs, an unexpected moment happens between them that becomes a real game changer. Things happen for a reason in people’s lives and sometimes the person who might be your “meant to be” is right in front of you but you don’t realize it. You’ll have to read to find out what happens but it is definitely worth it!

Overall, Then There Was You was definitely what I’ve come to love about Miranda. I thought as always, she brought us a wonderful story that you just can’t help falling in love with. She always creates such wonderful characters and the relationships between them are always genuine and sincere. My favorite parts of the book were the grandmas. I loved the familial influences on the characters and the traditions incorporated of that unity and support. I know you will enjoy this book. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. Perhaps, maybe Rafe and Kaitlyn? Well find out. Add this one to your reading list!

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