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Q & A with Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin

There are very few poets that I have come across in this life that have touched and inspired me as much as Yolanda. If you don't know who she, after reading about her, I suggest you familiarize yourself with her body of work. Her passion for writing is so eloquently felt with each word she pens to paper. It is such a privilege to chat with her about writing and what inspires her passion to write. 

You have such beautiful and inspiration poetry, what or who has inspires what you write?

Thank you.  Of course I have read many of the great poets and this has nurtured by love of poetry.  But feel most inspired by life and its many facets.  From life you can draw emotions and tell stories. 

Do you have a particular writing style or do you just pen to paper what you feel?

I don't think I have a particular writing style.  I write from the heart and from my own life experience, if and when the inspiration comes.  Words start to form in my head and I write them down as they come then extend on them.  If I allow them to leave my mind before writing them down maybe they will not come back.  LOL  I have found that for me, it is the best way to write, and because it is honest I find people relate to it. 

So many poets struggled to find that inner voice. What advice can you give to encourage them to be able to connect with their readers?

Listen to your inner voice and be true to yourself, do not be guided by others voices. Whilst it is helpful to get constructive feedback everyone writes from a different place and in their own distinctive style.  Of course, we all write hoping that the reader will enjoy our writing, but we must write for ourselves first before others will find insight  in our writing.

How to you break that writers block as a poet when you heart tells you the words but you cannot express them on paper?

When this happens I find it best to put whatever I am working on away and come back to it. You cannot force words to paper when they are not fully formed in you mind.

Poetry is often used as a form of expression or self healing. How has your poetry affected your life?

Whilst I have always written, I started my blog and writing became much prominent in my life when I was going through a particularly difficult time.  It allowed me to externalize feelings and filter emotions.  Writing has been like therapy.  It has documented the different phases of my life and in the process brought me great joy.

Is there a poet or an author that has influenced your passion to write?

I love the classics both in literature and poetry.  My favorite author is Jane Austen, I am in awe of the way she makes the characters in her books come to life and creates a world that I can visualize.  In respect to poets, Shakespeare because his sonnets roll of the tongue like music.

When you write your poems, is there a particular message that you want to send out or is it interpretive to the reader?

Poetry is always open to interpretation.  Whilst I may write with a certain message in mind the reader will draw their own story from each poem.  It becomes personal depending on the readers own life experience.  If my writing touches the reader and evokes emotion it is the greatest compliment.

Who is your favorite poet?

Shakespeare for the reasons stated above.

What advice can you give to other writers?

Always be true to yourself and be honest in your writing.  Readers will see through anything else.

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