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Advice on Getting Published by Lisa Cronkhite

If you’re a writer with a full manuscript ready to be submitted somewhere, make sure you do your research first. Nowadays just about anyone can get published. And with self-publishing, it’s becoming easier and easier to do. If you have the money to invest, and have a great marketing plan, self-publishing may be the right road to take. But if you’re a writer, wanting to be published traditionally, doing your research is vital. You don’t want to give your manuscript away to just any publisher. Getting an agent is important, but it doesn’t always get you published. And honestly, if you’ve tried the agent route and still cannot connect, don’t fret. Because there are still many great publishers out there willing to take unsolicited submissions (or submissions without an agent.) 

Again, this is where research is vital. There are many wonderful resources you can use to help you along the way. Be sure to check out the Bewares and Background Checks in the AbsoluteWrite forums. You can also find out if a publisher is highly recommended, or not recommended in the Preditors and Editors website. Publisher’s Marketplace, Agentquery, Querytracker and Chuck Sambuchino’s blog, Guide to Literary Agents can also help you. Whatever you do, never pay a publisher to publish your work. The money should always flow to the writer, not away from them. When you are ready, test the waters with just a few submissions. Don’t just throw it out to everyone. You might get requests to revise and can work your way up from there. Be sure to read all the guidelines to each and every publisher first, before submitting, as they may differ. And lastly, the most important thing of all, never give up. Be patient, be steadfast, be persistent and eventually things will happen. 

About the Author

Midwest Author Lisa M. Cronkhite’s love for writing started when she was a teen, journaling of her torrid romance with her first boyfriend then and now husband of over two decades. She picked up writing again after her first bipolar episode and psychotic break when her doctor recommended it as a coping skill. Once again, with pencil in hand, Lisa dove herself into crafting poetry. Through the years, Lisa has published her poems in print and online magazines such as Poetry Repairs, Grey Sparrow Press, Sacramento Poetry Center, Poetry Salzburg Review and many more. Lisa also has short stories in magazines like Suspense Magazine and YA Fiction magazine Suddenly Lost in Words. 

Her novels include Dreaming a Reality, Demon Girl and Deep in the Meadows. Disconnected is her fourth novel. Lisa is currently working on her next novel, Purple Haze.

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