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From Dental Chair to Author by D.A. Roach

I didn’t read much as a kid. I presume it was because my parents were immigrants and English was not their native language.  Watching the evening news on tv was so much easier than reading a newspaper.  We had encyclopedias, our school books and one or two other books. But it was not an activity we did for fun.

After college my sister-in-law gave me the Twilight series to read.  It looked daunting.  Those books were huge and I had never read for fun. But she swore I would love them. And I did. But this just made me an avid reader...not a writer.  Although, I read everyday and truly believe
it improves my writing.

So how did I end up an author?  For as long as I can remember, I have told tales.  The sun is always brighter, the snow is more frigid, and kisses more passionate when I tell the story.  I just didn’t think about applying this to writing.  But one day, the right person encouraged me 
to write one of my stories down.

I was having my teeth cleaned and my hygienist asked where we were vacationing.  I replied. “Tennessee” and told her an elaborate story about an event that happened to my family there over 30 years ago.  Her mouth was on the ground by the end of the story and then she said, “You have got to write a book about that.  What an amazing story.”  So I did. It’s my first title, Trusting Strangers. This was the start of my love affair with writing.  When I sit at the computer and begin weaving my story in and out and building my characters, it’s so exciting. The story coming together is like a painting come to life with each layer of new colors added.  

As an author, I’ve learned something new with each book I’ve written, both in writing and in self-publishing.  I’ve hit writer’s block and overcome it.  I’ve joined twitter and blogger and have begun speaking to the masses.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the books sell, reading the reviews 
left, and having readers reach out to me and express how much they enjoyed my books.  But the most rewarding part of becoming an author is touching just one person’s life and seeing the ripple effect it creates in the world.  So I got more than just clean teeth that day at the 
dentist...I got the right encouragement to take up writing and I became an author.

D.A. Roach lives in the midwest with her 3 kids and husband.  In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, music, and art.  She has had a diverse job list including teacher, pharmacist, and factory worker.  Her life is rich with vivid characters and stories and she enjoys taking inspiration from these characters and tales to create new stories.

You can reach D.A. via: Website | Facebook

About the Book

It’s her junior year at Stanton High. Brogen, an empathic teen, is looking forward to another uneventful year with her buddy Meg at her side. Meg and Brogen are not in the in-crowd, actually, they aren’t in any crowd. They are content keeping a low profile and doing their own thing.

But the first day of school brings Becca, the blonde babe, and Jay, the charismatic guy who doesn’t fit any stereotype. These two new students pull Brogen out of her comfort zone and into a new social situation. And with the good parts of this new situation…comes the bad.

Becca is attracted to Jay and is prepared to stomp on the competition when it comes to making Jay her boyfriend. Brogen wants no part of any high school drama, but life…or fate keeps putting Jay and Brogen on a path together. This puts a target on Brogen’s back and she’s not sure Jay is worth the wrath of Becca.

As they journey through their school year, several life changing events alter the relationship between Jay and Brogen. But the question remains, should they give in to fate and give love a chance? Or fight it and take the easy road?

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