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Q&A with B.J Daniels, author of Lucky Shot

How’s it feel to be back in Beartooth, Montana for the latest story in your Montana Hamiltons series, Lucky Shot?

I love my fictional Beartooth, Montana and some of my continuing characters like Nettie and the sheriff. It’s nice to have some older characters in love. ☺

Which hot actor/actress would you fancast as Max Malone and Kat Hamilton?

I think Paul Walker for Max and Emily Blunt for Kat.

Will new discoveries about Sarah Hamilton bring the family closer together or drive them apart?

LOL, we don’t know do we? ☺ That’s what makes writing this series so much fun. The more I learn about Sarah, the more I’m just not sure about that woman. She’s been such a fun character and will continue to be I believe right to the end of the series. ☺ That’s all I can tell you. Other than, more is revealed about Sarah with each book right to The End.

Buckmaster Hamilton goes through a lot in this story. How has his character developed over the course of the series?

Buck is a good man. He has been through a lot, but I believe that he wants the best for his family – and the country. I don’t think he always goes about fixing things the right way. Like all of us, he has regrets. Also he thinks he could have done a better job raising his daughters than he did. But we all feel that way at times. His one weakness is his love for Sarah.

Which of the Hamilton sisters is most likely to get you in trouble?

All six of them have been a handful, let me tell you. ☺ They are all so different. I can see myself in all of them. I love Kat because she says what she thinks. That’s why most of the family would rather not ask her opinion on anything. ☺ She’s...prickly – less so after Max comes into her life. We’ve all known someone like her who has secrets that make her pull away from other people.

Which sister is most like you?

LOL, that is a good question. I think I’m in all of them. Maybe especially Bo in Lone Rider. I’d like to think I could be tough when I needed to be.

But right now I’m writing the last book of the series, HONOR BOUND, and I can see myself in Ainsley. She is the oldest, the one everyone has leaned on for years. Something happens that makes her realize she’s never really cut loose and lived. I love that in her. I think we all would like to throw caution to the wind sometimes and just do what feels good – no matter the consequences. So, yeah, I’m like Ainsley at times. ☺

Which sister frustrates you the most?

Olivia from WILD HORSES. I wanted her to stop crying and toughen up. ☺ And she did. I can’t imagine what she went through at the beginning of the book, how traumatic that was for her or how terrifying. There is nothing worse than the possibility of losing the man you love. She needed to grow up and she did.

Which sister is most likely to surprise us all?

Ainsley in HONOR BOUND. I think once we decide to stop being the Old Us, anything can happen. ☺

What can we expect for the next Montana Hamiltons story?

I had fun writing HARD RAIN (out in March) because I got to know the first twin, Harper. I also got to “dig up” more about the Hamilton family and expose more of Sarah. I love the idea of old secrets coming back to haunt us. And there is nothing like a body turning up to do that. ☺
Then we meet Cassidy, the other identical twin, in INTO DUST (July), who has spent her life distancing herself from the family because she wants to be her own person. All that will be behind her when her mother’s past and The Prophecy change her life forever. This was a fun one. 

What are you working on next?

I’m finishing up the series with HONOR BOUND, Ainsley’s story and the cowboy/agent who rides into her life. We finally find out everything about Sarah and have to say goodbye to the Hamiltons. Boo hoo. It won’t be easy. I’ve come to love them all.

But I will be starting a new six-book series called, GILT EDGE. I’m taking several characters from Beartooth with me, Nettie and Sheriff Curry. I think readers will love the new family and their secrets and the danger that is right out their backdoor.


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