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Author Kate Allure on How To Go About "Meeting Men"

I think every author’s muse is as different as their varied stories. But to answer what inspired me to write Lawyer Up, I need to step back and explain what my Meeting Men series is all about. In brief, the books are themed, contemporary, erotic short-story collections. I wanted to explore what could happen when your average Joe-sephine encounters a handsome professional man by chance as she goes about her everyday life. The heroes are all doctors, lawyers, professors, and more, and the women are either successful, problem-solvers or experiencing personal growth. Regardless, these women all find the courage to take charge of their lives and their sexuality. While I too love fantasy novels of millionaires and waifs, what I felt was missing in the genre are stories that are at least in theory something that the average woman could actually, on a very lucky day, experience herself. Hey, it could happen!

One thing about this themed series that is particularly fun for me is that I get to use the hero’s various work locations or skills to craft creative erotic scenes. With Playing Doctor there is some “playing” in exam rooms. Or, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have wild sex on a desk. Even better on a judge’s bench? Maybe not, but my wicked mind has had so much fun going there and exploring what might happen late at night in an empty courtroom. Going forward I’m already wondering how a plumber in Hands On might use his tools in creative ways or what naughty things could happen in the back of the stacks of a university library in Extra Credit.

As for what inspired me specifically for Lawyer Up, there were lots of little things. This is especially true because there are three stories in each book so no one thing inspires them. For “Attorney-Client Privileges,” I was drawn to the idea of a down-on-her-luck wannabe actress getting swept up in a police raid and the lawyer with a chip on his shoulder who learns to let go of his preconceived ideas so he can appreciate the woman right before him.

I guess that’s not really answering the question—so the closest I can say is that for this series I’m very much plot driven. I’m always daydreaming of different ways that a woman might encounter a handsome man and what might come out of that chance meeting. For “Of Unsound Mind and Body” I wanted it to be an instant-attraction one-night stand kind of thing, but as you might guess, when people need lawyers it isn’t usually for one meeting. I found a way to make it work, but in the spirit of No Spoilers, that’s all I’ll say. Lastly, we have “Of Writs and Writhing.” The entire story came out of the title, suggested by a friend. I loved it so much I started researching what “writs” are and it just grew from that. I also like to vary the locations and ages of my short stories, and this one is set in New Orleans, a voodoo-magical place where anything can happen when a Playboy Judge goes up against an uptight Type A lawyer who wants to win her case no matter what it takes. I’m having such great fun researching different locations and imagining unique scenarios, and since they’re all quick fun reads, you don’t have to wait too long to get to the good stuff! LOL

About Kate Allure

Kate Allure is the creator of the Meeting Men series. She has been a storyteller her entire life, writing plays, short stories, and dance librettos throughout her childhood and later for semi-professional theater and dance companies. Her non-fiction writing included working for American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet and authoring a weekly arts column for local papers. Beyond writing, Kate’s passions include traveling and exploring all things sensual with her loving husband. Follow Kate at on Facebook and at

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About Lawyer Up

All rise…

Three sizzling-hot, deliciously taboo erotic romances to stoke your mood.

Wrongly accused in Attorney-Client Privileges, sexy but innocent Beth has nowhere to turn but straight into the arms of hotshot L.A. lawyer, Jon. Can this attorney manage to get her off in time?

Liza reaches a meeting of the minds—and more—when she unleashes her inhibitions and gives herself over to the primal allure of Main Street lawyer Hawk in Of Unsound Mind and Body.

In Of Writs and Writhing, fearless defense attorney Pat gets more than she bargained for when she goes toe-to-toe with New Orleans’ infamous Playboy Judge. When things get heated both in and out of the courtroom, more than temperatures rise.

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