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David Brown on Mitch Rapp returns in The Survivor

When Vince Flynn passed away in 2013 of Prostate Cancer at 47, he had already begun writing his 15th novel, ironically titled THE SURVIVOR. The Flynn family and Emily Bestler (the only editor Vince ever worked with) chose Kyle Mills to complete the book and write at least two more entries in his #1 New York Times bestselling and fan-cherished Mitch Rapp series.

When I sat down to read the manuscript for THE SURVIVOR, I approached it as I imagine all Vince Flynn/Mitch Rapp fans would—excitement mixed with trepidation. Sure, Mitch Rapp was back but was he really back? Could Kyle Mills deliver a novel worthy of having Vince Flynn’s name emblazoned on the cover? I went in skeptical and came out a true believer. Had I not known where Vince Flynn’s writing stopped and Kyle Mills’ began, I’d never have been able to tell.

I knew that if I felt this way, others surely would too. I set out to find a few hundred of the most hardcore Vince Flynn/Mitch Rapp fans to receive THE SURVIVOR early. Together, we will be the voice that Vince Flynn no longer has. We’ll spread the word that MITCH RAPP IS BACK on October 6, 2015!

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