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Holiday Happiness Starts With Change by Bever-leigh Banfield

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It’s no secret that Santa likes good boys and girls, however there is quite a lesser known fact – that the key to holiday happiness is willingness to change. Uncle Harry may make off-color jokes at the holiday table every year, but this year, he doesn’t have to. You may have received granny panties from your grandmother since you were ten years old, but what if she flipped the script this time and gave you an Amazon card instead? Maybe your brothers and sisters bicker relentlessly causing you searing pain every time you jet home for the holidays. And maybe that pain has caused you to act in a manner you aren’t so proud of but you nevertheless undertake year to year.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. When difficulties rear their heads – from obstacles at work to tricky romantic entanglements you may encounter – all you have to do is change. And changing is often must easier and faster a process than you might think. When you change your thoughts, you change your feelings, and subsequently your behavior will change. You are the Thinker thinking your thoughts. You have total and utter sovereignty over everything filtering through your mind. You are The Changer and you are The Change. Change can occur in the blink of an eye, and when you change, you change your world.

We are emitting vibrations with every thought, word and deed we bring into your environments, whether we know it or not. Whether we accept that fact or take responsibility for the repercussions we may cause depends on who we want to be and if we decide to think, feel and believe from our highest evolving self.

You can turn on a dime from whatever isn’t working for you and those you touch and decide to switch up into what does work, even if you are not sure what that is. You can banish a negative thought in an instant, replacing it with a lofty one. You can chase away any unwanted emotion by feeling a loving one instead. You change like everything else in the cosmos. Even the reaches of outer space are expanding by birthing new stars and planets into the burgeoning billions of galaxies beyond our comprehension.

You were born to change the world, and you’re meant to do that from the inside out. Change, my friend, is an inside job. You’re doing it all the time, in fact, so it’s best to do it consciously. Once you decide to be a beneficent force, you are unstoppable. Try it this holiday, and you’ll see. You have a magical mojo within you, capable of transforming yourself, your life, and everything that exists. And here is how to start:

  • Decide you want to change, that you’re willing and ready, and this is your time.

  • Identify things you need to change. Call them out. Nail them down, whatever they are. Meditate on it if you don’t know what they are. Change can set you free.

  • Commit to immediately implementing change so you can be healthier, happier, stronger, more at peace. Commit to being a benefit to others and serving the greater good. You’re vital, you matter, you have an effect.

  • Dream a humongous ginormous dream that will make the world a better place. Set goals that can bring about lasting change for everybody everywhere. Your dream already exists somewhere, and it’s ready for you to call it forth.

  • Make a plan and act on it. Brainstorm the steps you need to take. Jot down the ideas that pop into your mind. You may only be able to see the first step when you start. Keep going. Your plan will take shape.

  • Determine the tasks you’ll undertake to execute your master plan. Be sure to set priorities and do what’s most important first. Inspire a team to help you build.

  • Persevere no matter what twists and turns may appear along your winding path. No matter what people say or do, be brave, consistent, flexible, and inventive. Believe you’re the one for the job. Learn everything you need to know, and keep going until your dream comes true.

There’s someone you are meant to be and something you are meant to do. Go out and change the world!

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