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Guest Post: I Am a Brown Coat Wearing Trekkie by A.S. McGowan

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As I have said before, books are my thing. I have an addiction to the written word. However, I do like movies also. Sometimes they can take a book and make a good movie out of it. Other times the transition from pages to screen loses too much for me. In a previous guest blog post that I did for my blog tour for my Centaur Agency series, I talked about my two favorite movies. To recap my favorites are We Were Soldiers and Dog Soldiers. I can watch those movies over and over again without ever having burn out. However, everyone in my house reaches the ends of their ropes when I get like that. With that said there are other movies and television series that I enjoy.

First off everyone in my house except my youngest child and myself likes Star Wars. Sorry everyone but my 5-month-old and I neither one like it. We both like Star Trek. I like the originals and all the new modern Star Treks. The movies or the series, it doesn’t matter. I will consume all things Star Trek. The reason I know my 5-month-old likes it to is that most the time he sleeps when the television is on. However, I have noticed that if anything Star Trek is on he sits wide eyed and watches. He even smiles occasionally when there is a Vulcan on the screen.

Firefly series and Serenity movie. What can I say when it comes to sci-fi shows I am a brown coat wearing trekkie. River was one of my favorite characters. On one hand she was so childlike. On the other hand, she was a psycho killing machine. Inra was a complex class act as well. So much the upscale lady and yet a paid companion. Seriously what a complex combination. I hated that her and the captain never really did get together despite the love between them.

Another movie I don’t want to neglect to mention is the Divergent movies. I feel they did a great job taking it from book to movie. The whole ‘Faction before blood’ really got me. As a mother I know I would hate if my child was to choose a faction different than mine. But at the same time, I would cheer them on to reach their full potential. Complex family dynamics with this movie. It didn’t hurt that Four was some nice eye candy.

Well my time is up here. Please comment with some of you favorite sci-fi movies.

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