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Read an excerpt from Written in the Sand by T.A. Foster and Mary-Kathryn Craft

Blair is determined to stay on course. Her reporting career is waiting for her if she can just make it through summer on the island.

Justyn knows not to get attached to tourist girls breezing through town for only a season.
Maggie wants to cherish her last few months of summer freedom. So what if she has to keep a tiny secret to make sure everyone around her stays happy?

Reid doesn’t have time for romance. His new business must succeed, no matter the cost.
This summer everything is about to change. All those carefully laid plans might shift faster than the tides. When these four start spending time together, the island nights get hotter than the sun-drenched days. Trying to stay untangled and unattached is easier said than done when the one thing you want is standing right in front of you.

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T.A. Foster is Southern girl whose heart and spirit are connected to the beach. She grew up catching rays and chasing waves along the North Carolina Outer Banks and now resides in the state with her adventurous pilot husband, two children, and two canine kiddos.

She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University.


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Mary-Kathryn Craft spent her childhood summers vacationing on Harkers Island, North Carolina. There she fell in love with the Cape Lookout beaches and learned about the power of a good story from the island old-timers.
With degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of South Carolina, she now works in public relations in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband, daughter, and shiba inu.
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Written in the Sand is more than fifteen years in the making. Tucked away in boxes and buried deep on hard drives, pieces of Maggie and Blair’s story sat untouched for years before the authors rediscovered the work in progress. They knew it was time to revisit the island and give Maggie, Blair, Justyn, and Reid a summer to remember.


Justyn watched Maggie and Reid traipse over the low-lying sand dunes and onto the boardwalk that encircled the black and white diamond-studded lighthouse.
    “Don’t ya wanna go?” Justyn tipped back a cold beer in his hand, trying his best to avoid eye contact with Blair. Her hair was drifting with the light winds, and he could see the dew on her skin resting on her chest.
    “I didn’t exactly plan on climbing to the top of a lighthouse in this dress.” Blair smiled in his direction. He noticed how careful she was to avoid the knotted bowlines as she stretched one leg over the side of the boat until her toes were firmly in the sand.
    “Most girls don’t wear dresses like that on boat rides, you know?”
    “I’m not most girls.” “I’ve noticed,” Justyn murmured under his breath. Blair passed him and walked in the opposite direction of the lighthouse. “Hey, where are you going?” “Why don’t you follow me for a change?” Arching one little finger at him, Blair beckoned him to follow her. She threw her head back, sashayed her hips from side to side, and walked away seductively.
    “Oh hell.” Justyn crumpled his beer can between his rough palms and tossed it toward the stern. “Blair, wait up.”
    He jogged after the sultry blonde, hoping he could turn her around, before she had him wondering which way was east.
    Blair trailed her toes in the warm waves, splashing in ripples around her ankles.
    “Why’d you run off like that?” He tracked behind her deliberate walk down the shoreline.
    Blair pointed her toe forward, pushed all herweight on the ball of her opposite foot, and twirled so that she was facing him. Justyn stopped in mid- stride when Blair’s foot grazed his leg. He watched the fabric of her dress flare higher around her thighs from the draft of her sudden swirl.
    “So, you wanna walk in the dark, or something?” Justyn shoved his hands in his pockets.
    “Or something.” Blair winked.
    His feet were anchored in the wet sand, and he stood affixed to the ground. Blair pulled on the bottom of his shirt and flattened the fabric under her palms as she weaved them over his hard chest. She smiled when his breath caught as she slid her hands around his neck. Gliding her frame against his, she pressed harder against his body, now locked in place on the beach.
    Justyn felt his resolve weaken as he looked into her eyes, surprised at how he managed to detect a sparkle despite the darkness. He was suddenly aware of her heart beating against his chest, the softness of her hands on his neck, and the scent of her shampoo floating around him. Like a boat drifting at sea, he couldn’t resist the tide pulling him toward the shore.
    “What the hell,” he muttered under his breath. He leaned down, taking her lips with a feverish fury.
    Blair moaned as he took his time exploring her mouth one heated breath at a time. Justyn’s arms encircled her waist until he grasped enough of her slender hips to hoist her legs around his middle. She hitched her legs around his waist, and returned every one of his kisses deeper than the last. Assured she was balanced on his torso, he let his hands roam lower until the hem of that little black dress was worked up enough to let him feel the smoothness of her skin. Grabbing hard, he cupped her bottom in his rough hands. Blair wrapped her legs tighter. Over the low hum of the wind, he let out a groan in Blair’s ear. His lips trailed to the side of her neck, where he playfully nipped on the tender spot.
    “Mmm, Blair. We need to move.” Justyn clasped her tiny waist between his hands to set her back on the sandy soil.
    Blair pouted at him and wickedly ran her fingernails against his smooth stomach.
    “Girl, what are you doing? You’re killing me.” He swooped down to kiss her again, fully on the mouth. “Look. They made it to the top. Let’s at least get out of the line of sight.”
    He pointed to two tiny shadow specks perched high above on the platform. He grabbed Blair by the hand and led her back to the spot on the beach where the skiff was anchored to the sand and the shore.
Justyn boarded the boat and reached into the cooler to pull out two drinks. He noticed she took a deep breath of salty air before accepting the beer in his hand. Ice beer was exactly what they both needed.

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