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Spotlight: Naughty Claudine’s Christmas by Patrick Jennings and illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman


Claudine doesn’t think Santa should be allowed to just barge into her house—that’s not polite at all! The only way to keep him out? Get on his Naughty List . . .

If you think about it, Santa is a pretty rude guy. He watches you while you sleep. He withholds presents if he decides you weren’t good this year. And he sneaks into your house! Uninvited!
Claudine wants none of it—she is determined to keep Santa away from her house this Christmas! And the only way to do it? Be as NAUGHTY as possible. Too bad Claudine’s actually a pretty good kid at heart . . .
This out-of-the-ordinary perspective on the beloved holiday figure will have kids rolling with laughter, while letting them know that it’s okay to have an opinion different from the norm!

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