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Review: When I Grow Up I Want To Be...a Veterinarian!: Sofia's Dream Comes True! by Wigu Publishing


Sofia wants to care for all the animals in the world. But Mom does not think Sofia is ready for the responsibility of even one pet. Ready or not, when a hungry and sick-looking cat appears at the family's back doorstep, Sofia takes action. When Sofia is found feeding the cat, Mom gives in and agrees that a trip to the vet will tell them if the cat is healthy and not someone's lost pet. As the veterinarian introduces Sofia and readers to the important and wide-ranging work of animal doctors, Sofia learns how she might help all kinds of animals, including a little stray cat!


If you have a child that says they want to be a veterinarian or have a passion for animals, than this is a book that I would encourage them to read. When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Veterinarian, is a great lesson for kids to learn how to take care of a pet. Sofia, just like any kid wants to have a pet of her own but her mother doesn’t think she is ready. Just like Sofia, many children want a pet but don’t understand that there are responsibilities attached that they may not be ready to commit to doing. When Sofia is surprised by a cat that turns up on her doorstep, she knows that it is meant to be and jumps right in caregiver mode. Upon seeing Sofia feed her new friend, her mother decides to give in but notices that the cat doesn’t look that well. Convincing Sofia the importance of seeing a Vet, the reader is taken on a fun experience with Sofia to learn generally what a Vet does and the different types of animals that get treated. Informative, accompanied by beautiful illustrations and real photographs of animals that will keep the young reader engaged. Overall, this was another good book in this series. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles

Pages: 60
Publisher: Wigu Publishing (December 9, 2014)

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