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Review: Patrick Turns His Play into Pay by Shani Muhammad & Patrick Muhammad and illustrated by Natalie Jurosky

What a fun and inspiring book for kids to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. The book centered around a young boy named Patrick. He broke his favorite fishing rod and needed another one. He went to his parents but they couldn't help at the moment but then he got a bright idea. Tapping into something that he and his grandmother loved to do would be the answer to all his problems. Patrick learns a great lesson in creativity, courage, perseverance and how you can do anything that you put your mind to.

This was such a lovely book. Let me start with how beautiful the illustrations were. I love the pictures of those soft crayon images. It gives the story such a warm, inviting feel. The words are lively and the rhythm of the book is catchy. Patrick is such a lovable young kid and it's so great to see how he took an idea and didn't give up despite the obstacles that came his way. It's always a great lesson when kids can learn the value of money and hard work but especially going the route such as this or a lemonade stand to give them a sense of accomplishment. For all those young kids that have ideas or have dreams to do something, this story is so encouraging to give them some support. Overall, I think this was a cute one that has some great educational value to it and a great lesson in how teamwork can make those dreams work. I'd recommend adding this to your reading list.

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