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Bon Appetit with Maisey Yates

Well, I was going to bake something lovely so that I could offer up a nice photo and recipe to share with you all. (I promise I was! And you can’t prove it if I wasn’t…)

But yesterday, the power went out for 14 hours! Yes, an unexpected snow storm (the likes of which the east coast would laugh at) was too much for the power lines in Southern Oregon and 25K people ended up with no electricity, including us. 

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Buy on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

So I couldn’t bake. But, I will share a few things I learned with you: Costco macaroni and cheese heats up nicely on a camp stove. So does apple cider and mulled wine, which you can also handily keep warm on the woodstove!

So here is my Lights Out, Desperation Hot Drink Recipe for you. 


Apple Juice
2 Cinnamon sticks
Whole Cloves 


Red Wine
2 Cinnamon 
Whole Cloves

Heat up on your trusty camp stove (don’t catch a chill standing out in the snow!) then move them in and set the pans on your wood stove. It makes your house smell nice and it’s a great way to keep warm if you end up with no heat! 

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