Excerpt: When We Become One by Rae Daniel

Marisa finally has her college degree in hand, after four long years, but what exactly can she do with a Geography degree?

After accepting a position with one of the country’s most powerful government contracting firms, Marisa’s career starts to take off. Her love life, however, takes a drastic turn for the worse.

When a ridiculously hot and insanely smart mystery man steps in, he’s determined to protect her at all costs, including from herself (she swears that dang mace gun went off all on its own, right in her face!).

Can the gaps between their personal and professional lives get a whole lot smaller and steamier?

Hell yes!


“Another gin and tonic.”

Stopping abruptly on my way back to the kitchens, I glare down at the clammy, sweaty hand gripping my forearm.

“Excuse me?”

Taken aback, I look to where a rather rotund man is sitting. I can hear his laboured breathing as I start to feel the sweat from his hand seeping into my arm, which he is now holding rather tightly. My eyes must be wide with shock because he loosens his grip after a few short seconds. This is not the sort of establishment where you can reach out and grab someone. Come to think of it, I don’t know a place on this Earth where that’s actually allowed. Even strip clubs have standards limiting such contact.

Staring down at my white button-down shirt, I make sure the world hasn’t gone topsy-turvy and I’ve started working in a strip club.

Tits hanging out with tassels on the nips?


Moving on.

Looking back to Mr. Grips-A-Lot, I see his gaze focus on me intently. “You do work here, don’t you?”

Forcing myself to get over his extremely rude behaviour, I stammer a yes.

Without a sideways look at me, he says, “Good, then make it a double.” He shoves his glass in my hand.

Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.

Mr. Grips-A-Lot is a grade A asshole. Trying to calm my nerves before I say something I will regret, I hear the deepest, sexiest sound come from the other side of the table.

“Devlin, leave the lovely lady alone. You can’t treat people like that.”

After a few tense seconds, the ogre lets go of my arm and mumbles an apology. With thinly veiled disgust, I curl my upper lip as I reluctantly accept his apology and turn to thank the man who finally set his friend straight.

Oh mah gawd. Ohh eemmm geee. Holy fucking shit.

“Please forgive Devlin’s behaviour. Apart from being a genius at contract law, he’s not much for social graces.”

“Yeah well, in the imortal words of Einstein, ‘the difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.’ I’d say he’s firmly hit his limit for tonight, in more ways than one.”

With that, I escape back toward my section, nearly faltering when I hear the sexiest laugh known to man. It’s deep and rumbly, if that’s even a word, and gives me tingles from my head to my toes. There is no doubt the laughter belongs to Mr. Dark-brown-eyes. Feeling his gaze burning a hole into my back, I risk a glance over my shoulder, confirming my suspicions. He’s staring right at me, his smirk is now a full on cocky smile, and the last thing I see before I turn the corner into my section is his flirtatious wink.

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