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Excerpt: Saving Grace by Mignon Mykel

About the Book

Synopsis: He calms me.

An unexpected long-distance friendship showed Gracelyn Dewey the ease of some relationships. Very few people could get past her walls and even then, fewer had the ability to see through her anxieties.

With him, she finds more—but circumstances wouldn’t allow them to keep it. Instead, they find an easy friendship with one another.

Until it wasn’t easy any more.

She grounds me.

In his line of work, Sawyer Meadows sees some gut wrenching things. He sees broken people, wounded people, fearful people. He loves his job, yet is losing a piece of himself in the mix.

But there was always her. Drawn to her quiet smile, he has always known she was meant to be something special to him.

A fact that became painfully evident when she found someone else to hold her.

Somewhere along the way, we lost it.

They are given one weekend together to fix their friendship.

The days can’t go off without any hitches though. When her recent past and his career collide, they’ll have to decide—is the distance enough to keep them apart? Or are they through letting everything else dictate their happiness?

She’s my saving grace, and I plan on saving her in the process.


Your brother is coming this weekend

I looked from the phone turned at me up to the person holding the device.

Anything I said would likely be thrown back in my face, so I merely lifted a brow.

Sydney smiled wide, her uniquely yellow eyes dancing under the twinkle lights the coffee shop had hanging. “You know you want to see him.”

Another text came through.

No matchmaking chief. Let them figure it out.

I slouched in the well-worn couch at our favorite coffee shop, my face heating, and shrugged a shoulder. I lifted my mug to my mouth to try and distract myself. Sydney and I had been at Bean There for the last two hours and my macchiato had grown cold, but I needed to do something with my hands.

There was nothing quite like your best friend, and her husband, meddling in your love life…

I met Sawyer Meadows a few years back when Sydney and Caleb had an engagement party. From the moment I met the third Meadows child, I was completely struck by him. His hair was a brassy auburn, brown in some lights but a deep copper in the sun. His eyes, like Sydney’s, were so light a brown, they looked yellow. He was slightly taller than average for a guy, with a body you couldn’t help but want to wrap your arms around.

But more than the physical, Sawyer was a good guy.

He was always cracking jokes, always had a quick smile. He was a good friend to those he cared about, a great brother to Sydney, and an awesome uncle to those chicklets I had the pleasure of referring to as my own nephews and niece, even though I really wasn’t their aunt.

He didn’t visit very much anymore, not since promoting to detective for Salt Lake City’s special crimes task force a few years back, but when he did make his way to San Diego, I could definitely see the changes in him. He tried to hide it, tried to be his jovial self, but I could tell what he did hurt his soul.

He was such a happy, open person; I couldn’t imagine staying that way was an easy feat with the amount of bad he saw day in and out.

He and Sydney had very similar features, so it was easy to miss him every day I didn’t see him or talk to him. Never mind the fact he called her every day and there had been numerous times I was with Sydney when he made his daily call.

I hated that I was envious of my friend for talking to her brother. Sawyer and I used to text, email, or call one another nearly every day. But after I had him meet a guy I’d been seeing, everything just seemed to stop.

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About the Author

Mignon Mykel is the author of the Prescott Family series, as well as the short-novella erotic romance series, O’Gallagher Nights. When not sitting at Starbucks writing whatever her characters tell her to, you can find her hiking in the mountains of her new home in Arizona.

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