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Read an excerpt from Tattooed as Trouble Series by J.L. Hammer

About the Book

He would protect her body, but she had to protect her heart.

For Raegan “Rae” Storm, the trouble in her life is as permanent as the tattoo stamped on her shoulder. After witnessing a double murder, she becomes the target of a bloodthirsty mafia and enters the Witness Protection Program in exchange for her testimony. With her life on the line, the last thing she expects is to lose her heart to the mysterious, handsome Quinn Bronson, the U.S. Marshal protecting her.
Driven by honor and his commitment to his job, Bronson rescues Rae from threats time and time again, but fighting off hit men is easier than ignoring his attraction for the one woman he should never desire: the witness. As danger presses in on Bronson and Rae, neither knows whom they can trust, and their forbidden love could be what destroys them.


Although Bronson continued to hold her, his jaw tightened as he lectured himself. Never had he considered inappropriate contact with a witness. Not that he’d ever guarded a woman as tempting as Rae.

“I want this to go away,” she said, her words vibrating against his chest. “I want this to be a bad dream. Why did this have to happen?”

He started to point out that if she hadn’t broken the law in the first place, it wouldn’t have, but why kick her when she was down. “Life has its own course. It’s like a poker hand.

Sometimes it’s good and you consider yourself a lucky son of a…” He cleared his throat. “And other times you bluff because all you’re holding is crap, but regardless it’s all you got, and you have to make the best of it.”

“What a strange thing to say,” she said and sniffed. “You’re not very good at this. Comforting people, I mean.”

Her left hand shifted from where it had rested against his side, brushing a torturous line up his stomach to his chest.

Sweat beaded on his forehead. Once he was confident he was back in control, he spoke, although his voice came out whiskey rough. “The worst.”

He needed one thing right now—space, because blood was flowing where it had no business flowing. He loosened his hold, but instead of releasing him, her other hand tightened around his upper back. Not good.

“If you hold me for a second, you don’t have to try to make me feel better,” she whispered.

He wanted to laugh but refrained. It might make her feel better, but he didn’t know how much more of this close proximity he could endure. He should extricate himself from her arms but for the life of him, he couldn’t find the willpower to move. Then she peered up at him with tear trails shimmering down her cheeks, and his thoughts scattered. His gaze explored the fine-boned features that reminded him of a pixie. And then he lost himself in those jade-colored eyes with bursts of orange in them, like the licking flames of the sun. The tempo of his heart increased. On its own accord, his hand caressed her spine through the soft fabric of her dress, pressing her body closer to his.

Hot need surged through him. Rae moistened that lower lip of hers, which was so expressive, he longed to run his teeth across it. Then without thinking, he eased forward and tasted her. Her lips parted, and his tongue swept into the sweetness of her mouth. Invisible strings tightened, drawing them closer. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she arched her full breasts against the hard planes of his chest.

The kiss grew so hungry…demanding…steamy that his brain threatened to short circuit. He trailed his fingers down the smooth length of her neck. The need to feel the weight of her breast in his palm consumed him. Then she moaned, and with a jolt, realization struck like a dunk in the Arctic Sea.

He tore himself from her and immediately gained his feet.

Gritting his teeth, he shifted his body to hide the obvious bulge in his pants. What the hell am I doing?

About the Author

J.L. Hammer is a California girl and enjoys living in her small mountain town with her husband and two children. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers and the Romance Writers of America. When she isn't writing or lost in the pages of a good book, she loves traveling, listening to country music, or just enjoying a nice glass of wine. Visit J.L. online to discover her exciting novels.

Connect with JL: Website | Facebook | Twitter: @HammerJL

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