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Spotlight: Caught in the Ripples (The Water Rushes #2) by S. McPherson

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date: July 31st 2016


When the Exlathars escaped the battle that night, their silhouetted figures merged with the sky, their wings swatted at stars and the Coltis people were too busy celebrating their victory to realise that there wasn’t one.

Now the Exlathars are back. And they bring with them remnants of everybody’s past.

Back in England, Dezaray discovers just how deep Coldivor’s connection to Earth really goes. But she cannot change their past and she cannot see how to alter their future. So it seems the ripples that shake the surface are only a glimpse of what’s brewing beneath.

'Caught in the Ripples' delves deeper into the Water Rushes saga, answers questions the first book raised and plunges you into an ocean of intrigue and magic. 

They thought the Elenfar was the end…turns out it was only the beginning.


I hurtle through the portal, the shrieks of the trelion bird echoing behind me long after the gateway has gone. Beatrice Brook shudders below and I plunge into it, submerged beneath icy water, ripples expanding around me like ribbons of lightning.

I wait to rise to the surface, to instinctively come up for air but I can’t lift my head. A hand is holding me down; a strong hand whose pressure I know too well, Drake’s.

Somehow I swivel. The face is his but the eyes are a piercing blue: shocking, like Milo’s. As I gape at them in disbelief, I hear Milo’s voice, as though he were right beside me.

‘This is how it has to be,’ he says.

I go to scream, but my cries are muffled by the weight of water slamming me down. I push against it, stretching up, reaching higher but only getting further away from the surface.

‘The Exlathars are back,’ Milo continues. ‘We think they were never gone.’

Never gone? The words repeat themselves over and over as I sink deeper into the brook, now as vast as an ocean. My head throbs as bubbles tumble from my lips, and Milo’s eyes burn, watching whilst I drown.

I wake up panting, my blind hand reaching out for the face I may never see again. Trembling, I sit, sifting through the nightmare as I try to figure out what of it was memory, what was nightmare and what may have been a premonition.

About the Author

S. McPherson is a young British expat living in Dubai and working as a kindergarten teacher. When she is not at work immersed in a world of imagination and fantasy created by the children, she is immersed in her own worlds of imagination and fantasy at home, dreaming up tales and writing them down. 'At Water’s Edge' is S. McPherson’s debut novel and the first in the romantic, fantasy series, 'The Water Rushes'.

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