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Who Should Play the Characters in Katherine Neville’s THE EIGHT?

We're going to have a little fun today! Have you read Katherine Neville’s acclaimed cult classic THE EIGHT? Well, it's been optioned by Noumena Pictures in Hollywood to become a movie. You know that feeling when you watch a movie based on a book and think to yourself...I would've had such and such play the role?? Well, we've decided to join in on the fun and throw out who we thought should play the parts! Let us know what you think and we'd love to hear your idea!

Here's our pick:

Cat Velis – Adelaide Kane

- Brilliant computer expert; questions authority; the present day heroine.

Lily Rad – Maisie Williams

- Bombastic; at first seems bratty but grows up; a fantastic chess player.

Mireille – Emilia Clarke

A novice nun; Cat’s historical counterpart; later - the fortune teller.

Alexander Solarin – Kit Harrington

Mysterious Russian; master chess player; Cat’s love interest

Nim – Francois Arnaud

A big brother mentor type to Cat; excellent cook.

The Abbess – Joanne Walley

The head nun who first protects the cursed chess set.

Catherine the Great – Keira Knightley

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