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Spotlight: Wicked Summer by Roma Brooks

About the Book

A fun family summer holiday on the beach takes an unexpected turn.

Wicked Summer follows the Bloom family as they spend a once in a lifetime vacation at Cape Harriet, a charming seaside town on Virginia's scenic Eastern Shore.

All Mary Bloom ever wanted was to celebrate her 60th birthday at the beach. The extended Bloom family converges at the Rising Tides Inn, where their slightest whim is catered to.

Forty something Iris is the perfect suburban mom, holding her four kids and husband on a tight leash. 36 year old Hyacinth is single, successful and the self-proclaimed brains of the family. At 26, Poppy is a top travel blogger, wandering across countries most people only dream of visiting.

The rivalry among the sisters is as strong as ever, and each sister is dealing with it in her own way. So while Iris taunts and needles, Hyacinth takes the high road and shows disdain. Poppy suffers silently, lost in her own inner turmoil. None of them has an inkling of the storm that is about to break loose in their lives.

Soft shell crabs and salt marshes will be forgotten as shocking secrets are revealed. Everyone seems to be guilty of hiding something.

Set in idyllic Cape Harriet, Wicked Summer takes the reader on a thrilling roller coaster ride with plenty of laughs, tears and intrigue with heartwarming emotions, scrumptious food and never a dull moment.


Zadie flushed with pleasure. “Fresh ingredients make a big difference. The cheeses are made right here in Cape Harriet at Fern's Dairy Farm. And the bread is also baked fresh in our local bakery. The peppers are from my garden, roasted this morning.”

“Go ahead, cut the cake,” Zadie urged Kevin who had decided to stop attacking the grilled cheese and seemed ready for something else.

Kevin immediately cut out a huge slice, then cut it in half. Four layers of yellow cake with buttery snow white frosting, sprinkled with generous amounts of coconut brought on another chorus of approval.

“Shouldn't Hyacinth be here by now?” Mary thought out loud. “What time is it?”

“4:30,” Maddie informed her. “She was near Annapolis an hour ago.”

“Oh, she should be here by 6:30 then. Summer time is busy around here. And the single lane roads are slow going,” Zadie explained.

“I still don't understand why she wouldn't let me come in the car with her,” Amber wailed. “I'm an adult now, aren't I?” 

“You can ask her when she gets here,” Mary said soothingly, wondering the same thing. She couldn't always explain her daughters' behavior.

“You bet I will, Grandma!” Amber said resolutely.

“When is Poppy getting here?” Iris wanted to know. “I thought she planned this whole thing.”

“Oh, Poppy's been here for a while,” Zadie said with adoring eyes. “She's such a darling.”

Kevin raised his hand to high five her, and Zadie met his hand with full force, gaining his instant approval.

“Aunt Poppy's something, isn't she?” His hero worship was clear in his eyes and voice.

Iris cleared her throat. She didn't like her kids idolizing her youngest sister.

“Poppy's gone into Delaware for a meeting. She'll be back tonight.” Mary answered Iris's question.

“What kind of meeting? It's not like she's got a job!” Iris said, not even trying to hide the derision in her voice.

Zadie and Mary looked at each other and beamed. 

“We'll let her tell you about it. That sister of yours is a gem, that's for sure. We are so honored to have her here.”

“Is this about her next trip?” Maddie burst out excitedly.

About the Author

Roma Brooks writes stories featuring real life characters, the kind you would come across in your own family. Her books will make you laugh, cry, love, hate and bite your nails. She dreams of retiring to a seaside town like Cape Harriet where the gentle waves of the ocean lull you into sweet dreams.

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