Spotlight: The Chaos of Change by J.T. Riggen


A second revolution...A second civil war...New-age American heroes will rise and fall...The struggle in the new world begins.

Welcome to the imminent future: the American political gap is maximized; the individual states have begun clamoring for the disbandment of their federal government for its lack of stability; multiple power-hungry groups lick their chops at the thought of grabbing the reigns of the United States of America. And then a nation defining incident occurs, Article V of the U.S. Constitution is activated, and three sovereign territories come into existence.

But this hardly bothers Thaddeus Jackson – the son of a popular former president – who had money, fame, and a promising career in politics…until he ran away to the Alaskan wilderness to live in peace away from his family and the growing civil unrest.

What few know is that an elite group – led by Shane Wallace, Director of the CIA – has taken action. They recruit the very hesitant Thaddeus to be part of a diplomatic team tasked to negotiate the seemingly impossible peace between the liberal leaders of the North and his dysfunctional, republican family that now runs the South. The team includes Lozen Kyway, a highly-trained female agent turned bodyguard; Dr. Andreas Albrecht, a brilliant engineer and scientist who believes he’s discovered a truly sustainable, albeit dangerous, energy source; and Tomas Martinez, the former Vice President.

This elite group, and all its supporting team, will come together in a race against the clock to divert the territories away from war. New-age patriots will rise and fall, and new threats to democracy – never before imagined – will emerge from the shadows. Can the well-intentioned come together fast enough to ward off war in the states? Whose intentions are noble? Whose are full of malicious intent? Prepare yourself for an American era teeming with espionage, lies, murder, manipulation...The Chaos of Change!

Riggen's second novel, The Chaos of Change, is a new edition to the great political thriller traditions of Brad Meltzer, Barry Eisler, and Tim Tigner.

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About the Author

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I grew up in a creative household. My mother was a teacher of grades 4-6 and was always in pursuit of new, inventive ways to stimulate her students' (and own children's) minds. My father was a principal with an extensive background in special education giving him a special sense for communicating in adaptive and unique ways. Growing up, we (my mother, father, brother, and sister) spent as many summers as I can remember in a quaint cabin in the northeast region of Vermont. No TV, no movies, just imagination and, literally, an old transistor radio. Story telling has been in my life for as long as I can remember, but just recently, it has become a formal passion. I love getting lost in different worlds, lost in the psyche of different characters, and slowly -- at times painfully so -- building a novel, from the first word on the page to the last.

Rest assuredly, while you read this, I have a cup of coffee in my hand, day-dreaming up another world of hopeful characters full of dark intentions, and plot lines riddled with twists and turns.

My first novel was a fictional thriller titled, "Uptown". It received a "Seal of Approval" from the Indie Reader. Uptown was a novel heavily influenced by the movie "Heat," starring Al Pacino and Robert Deniro (they don't make movies like that anymore). Shortly after its release, I began my second formal endeavor: "The Chaos of Change". I have since halted Uptown's publication as I am working on a better version of itself. The original manuscript earned a certificate of excellence. Imagine what the rebooted version will be like! Check out my website to join my newsletter for updates on future book releases, and MUCH more content. 

TCOC (The Chaos of Change) takes place in a not-far-from-reality parallel of the current political times. It highlights human beings' resistance to change as well as their unfortunate drive towards self-benefit. It also uncovers the hope that there are new-age American heroes out there who are fit to lead this country in wonderful and genius ways. But beware: the world you are about to enter into is addicting. Only purchase the novel if you dare enter into the chaos!

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