Excerpt: Wedding Date Rescue by Sonya Weiss

About the Author

As a Firefighter, Kent Wakefield has been burned before, and not just by fire. So when Casey Bradford, his best friend's off-limits, gorgeous little sister, asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he flat out refuses. He doesn't do relationships, real or otherwise. But when his well-meaning, marriage-pushing mother corners him about his cousin's wedding, he panics and tells her he has a date.

After being left at the altar, Casey is out of options. She needs a boyfriend ASAP or she can kiss her dreams good-bye. Who better than her brother's emotionally-unavailable best friend, Kent. She may have nursed a childhood crush, but this arrangement will be purely platonic...that is until he kisses her and suddenly it gets a lot harder to remember it's all pretend.


“Do you have any ideas what we can say when people tease us about finally getting together?”

“I don’t know.” He smiled at her. “We can figure that out as we go along. Just focus on pretending you’re mine and I’ll do the same.”

Her eyes sparkled with excitement. “I’m so relieved I could kiss you!”

Casey kissing him. Him kissing her back. His smile faded. Slow down, his smart side said, and don’t think about that. Or her smoking hot body moving beneath that dress. The side of him that didn’t care about being smart thought about it.  He stepped on her toe. “Sorry, my bad.” Clearing his throat, he said, “Let’s leave the kissing and anything else physical out of this arrangement.”

A teasing light glinted in her eyes. “Are you worried I’ll try to cash in your bachelor card?”

“Something like that. Up close, I’m hard to resist,” he teased back.

“Maybe for other women. Trust me, Kent, you won’t ever find me chasing you.”

“Same here,” he said. “I would never chase you. You’re not the girl for me.”

She beamed and pursed her lips in a fake kiss. “I think that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

He laughed, feeling the tension leave his shoulders. Now that he and Casey had joined forces, he could go to his cousin’s wedding in peace and as an added bonus, he could sit at home on his days off without anyone trying to find him a blind date again.

When the celebration finally wound down, Kent walked Casey to her car, then headed to his truck. He stopped with a groan when he realized he’d left his lights on. After he tried twice to start it, he gave up. The battery was dead and his jumper cables were at home in the garage. Great place for them to be when he needed them.

The headlights of Casey’s car swept over him as she pulled up beside him and got out. The wind blew at the hem of her dress and beneath the lights in the parking lot, he caught a quick glimpse of her thigh. Any more of that and forget the truck, he’d need his brain jumpstarted. “It won’t start. The engine. ‘Cause the battery’s dead,” he said, then gave himself a mental thump upside the head.

She put her hands on her hips. “I don’t have cables. You want me to give you a ride?”

Did she have any freaking idea how hot she looked standing there? “Home?” he asked.

“No, to Switzerland.” She lowered her arms. “You’re giving me a funny look. What’s wrong?”

What was wrong was that Casey wasn’t supposed to affect him. He wasn’t supposed to think of her as beautiful or get hot all over every time her thigh flashed into view. He raked a hand through his hair.

She arched her brows giving him the “well?” look.

“Thinking about work,” he lied, figuring that was a safer bet than, “Damn, girl, you look good.”

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About the Author

From the time she was a child, Sonya knew she was destined to be a writer. If she didn’t like the ending of a book or movie, she would write her own ending. When her children were young, she often wrote stories to entertain them. At the urging of one of her daughters, she submitted a short story and to her surprise and delight, it sold.  Sonya loves writing all things romance whether it’s writing contemporary adult or teen fiction and still hasn’t lost the wonder that she gets to do what she loves.   She enjoys reading, movies, chocolate, and laughter and credits her daughters as being the sweetest blessings in her life.

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