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Read an exclusive excerpt from The Transporter by Liz Maverick


Shane Sullivan, a.k.a. the Transporter, channels his need for speed into top-secret delivery runs for the Hudson Kings, an elite band of mercenaries. His precious cargo has never talked back—until now. He’s riding to the rescue of his fellow team member’s sister, who’s fleeing her abusive boyfriend. His job: steer clear of trouble and get her to New York City in one piece. But he didn’t count on her driving him to distraction. Now he needs to keep both hands on the wheel—and off his best friend’s sister.

Cecily Keegan has a poor track record when it comes to falling for charming bad guys. So although she’s grateful for this hard-bodied wheelman’s protection, she’s terrified of listening to her heart, which has been racing since she got into his backseat. But when she learns that the danger is far greater than a possessive ex, she has to trust Shane—and the strength inside herself—to deliver her from evil.

Exclusive Excerpt

While Cecily finished up, Shane cased the area and then made his way to the food counter and ordered a bunch of different meals plus soda and water. He took his receipt and stepped aside, staring blindly at the action in the deep fryer. I guess I am your problem, she’d said, her face drawn and the light completely gone from her eyes. He could still see her staring straight ahead, unmoving, just waiting while he pumped the gas. Way to go, asshole.
For a minute it looked like total defeat. But then: “You are a caveman,” she’d said, her sweet cupid’s bow lips curled in disgust.
Ha. She’s still got fire.
The last time Shane delivered a person, it had taken sixteen hours including a ferry ride to Morocco. The guy hadn’t spoken more than two or three times, and he didn’t have duct tape over his mouth. Well, not for the European segment, anyway. The whole thing was so annoying Shane’d sworn to stick to cash and packages. That said, this was different. This was Cecily. Cecily Keegan. Formerly, just a little girl’s face in a picture on a desk. Now a woman sitting in his car, taking up space where there’d been nothing.
His order came toward him on a plastic red tray accompanied by the smell of hot grease, just as Cecily came out of the bathroom and went to the table he’d originally chosen. He headed over and sat down across from her, selected a cheeseburger, popped the top off a water, and dug in.
Cecily stared at the pile of food and then looked uncertainly at the ordering station.
“You do get this is for two?” Shane asked. Her answer was a burst of laughter, the sound of spontaneous joy so intense Shane stopped chewing for a moment. If that’s what you get for giving a girl a sandwich, he wondered what you’d get for giving that same girl a—shut that shit down, man. Just shut that shit down. Dex’s sister, here.
“I wasn’t sure,” she was saying, delicately peeling back a corner of each wrapper to peek inside.
“Woman I used to see around,” Shane mumbled between bites, feeling a little shell-shocked and anxious to detour his thoughts. “Always said she wasn’t hungry—always ended up eating my food, so I was definitely always hungry. Lesson learned. Buy double whenever a chick says she’s not hungry.”
“I don’t know whether to find that gross and presumptuous or amazingly generous,” Cecily said, choosing a grilled chicken sandwich.
Knew it, Shane thought.
“That said, I’m super hungry, so my conscience tells me to go with amazingly generous.”
“You seriously thought I’d eat all this shit?”
“You’re a big man. Your current girlfriend must have a healthy appetite.”
Shane watched Cecily turn pink as soon as the words were out of her mouth, her eyes moving to make a show of focusing on the label she started ripping off the water bottle.
“I don’t have a current girlfriend,” he heard himself say. WTF. Why the hell am I telling her personal deets? Less talk, more burger.
She looked up then, her cheeks still pink. Cute as hell. Shane stuffed the second half of his cheeseburger into his mouth.
Her eyes dropped to his mouth, his bulging cheeks, and she raised an eyebrow, shaking her head. But when she spoke, her voice was soft. “You are definitely a caveman, but I think it’s probably good Dex made you my caveman. I’m going to get home to my brother just fine, aren’t I?”
Shane stopped chewing again, a lump in his throat that had nothing to do with food. Well, assuming no one gets to us before we get to the Armory in New York, yeah. And since you’re with me, it’s a reasonable assumption, so, again, yeah. He stared at her and swallowed. “Yeah, you’re gonna be fine with me.”

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About the Author

Liz Maverick is a bestselling, award-winning author and adventurer whose projects have taken her from driving trucks in Antarctica to working behind the scenes on reality-TV shows in Hollywood. Liz has written more than fifteen novels and is the creator of the USA Today bestselling Crimson City series, as well as Wired, a Publishers Weekly Book of the Year. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, and loves to stay in touch with readers via her website and newsletter at

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